Rustic Front Door Wreath

My husband has A LOT of pheasant feathers and by a lot, I mean a large collection as he keeps tail feathers from each pheasant he takes down…it adds up quickly.

Further, he has quite a bit of random sets of deer antlers hanging around the garage.

I thought perhaps I could persuade him to let me use them in a project for the house.  He obliged and even cut apart the antlers for me so that I could work with them more easily.

I headed to Michaels and got some supplies…


I started first by painting the “R” with acrylic paint with a couple of coats.  While this dried, I placed the antlers.  They are held in place with craft wire.  I then inserted the feathers.  Most are loose stuck into the wreath; however, some I used hot glue to secure down.

Hot glue didn’t work to keep the “R” securely fastened so I used JB Weld and that baby hasn’t moved a bit!  I used a basic rope I found in the garage, cut it, for the string to hang.

The only thing I wish I could do was balance it a little bit more.  There is quite a bit of weight on the left side there and so it’s a little strange to hang, but overall was awesome to make!


Wasting time on Pintrest…

Well, my friend, Sam, her birthday is coming up and I am NOT going to flop like I did with Jen’s birthday.  Bless her heart for being so understanding at my failures!!  So, Sam and I, we go way back, like 3rd grade way back just like Jen and I…we are the three musketeers!!  Sam and I love to swap books, we do this a couple times a month, if allowable, so since her birthday is coming up at the beginning of June I wanted to create something really unique and homemade that pertained to our book hobby.  So, there I was searching Pintrest…wasting HOURS of time!!!  I found this really cute picture of a wreath and although the link to the directions was broken, I told myself, “I got this!”



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