Reclaimed Wood Projects

I’ve been completely consumed with teaching and have had minimal time for any projects but when I do it’s gotta be in bits and pieces. This past summer we had gotten some blocks for our yard and they were on a nice pallet. I kept the pallet knowing I wanted to do something with it. I decided to make some fun signs.

For my kitchen, my niece and I always bake and dance so this fits perfect!

My niece and I went to taking apart the pallet on a hot summer day. I cut the nice planks down to size then sanded.

For my sister for Christmas, she has a flock of egg-laying chickens!

For each project I used an antique white paint from Michels. Finding fun fonts I downloaded the fonts and printed as big as I wanted. Centered them as needed and used a ballpoint pen to outline my words. This was tough as sometimes the wood would not imprint.

Made for my brother for his new house, I didn’t grab a photo of the dark border, bummed!

For my sister-in-law and her husband for Christmas!

Using an oil-based sharpie paint pen, outlined my imprint and colored in. I finally used bargain wood from Menards with a dark stain to make the border. I love each of my projects and can’t wait to experiment more!

Th one below I used a square piece of wood and painted the wood with chalkboard paint so that I could make it an interactive board. I kept this for myself!

This final project I bought pre-made wood letters. My niece helped me paint the whole thing black and out letters sparkly orange! We then used a cardboard toilet paper roll and dipped it in orange paint and dabbed on the black portion. I used a staple gun to tack the letters on.


Wall Art!

Our bedroom is finally starting to feel more and more like my own bedroom, completed the way I WANT.  Last summer I dried a bunch of my flowers from my gardens and just so happen to have a book that was half eaten, thanks to my anxious dog, Zeus!


Another remodel…almost complete!

So, after my bedroom has been only half in shreds for well over a year, we have finally almost finished the bedroom this past weekend. What an AMAZING FEELING!!  Here are a  couple of BEFORE pictures…you can see the reason this needed to be completed, ASAP!

Bedroom before 1

Bedroom before 1


Wasting time on Pintrest…

Well, my friend, Sam, her birthday is coming up and I am NOT going to flop like I did with Jen’s birthday.  Bless her heart for being so understanding at my failures!!  So, Sam and I, we go way back, like 3rd grade way back just like Jen and I…we are the three musketeers!!  Sam and I love to swap books, we do this a couple times a month, if allowable, so since her birthday is coming up at the beginning of June I wanted to create something really unique and homemade that pertained to our book hobby.  So, there I was searching Pintrest…wasting HOURS of time!!!  I found this really cute picture of a wreath and although the link to the directions was broken, I told myself, “I got this!”


What a weekend!

This past weekend was full of adventure.  It all started on a Tuesday when I told my husband I wasn’t feeling quite right and by Thursday morning I was staying home from work and by Friday morning I was slammed with a virus in my lungs and strep throat…talk about being hit by a train!  While recovering on Saturday morning the husband thought that since I had some cough syrup with codeine I would be absolutely fine to rip up carpet in our living room and lay new hardwood floors.  Oh did this sound pleasing to me, or what!?  NOT!!  I said that I would only help as long as we had help, so he called his cousin and Scott was super excited about getting out of his own house to help us!  Keep in mind we now owe him our time to help him move in March 🙂



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