Quoteable Pillows

Joey asked me recently as I was down stairs putting my latest project together, “Harm, haven’t you made enough pillows?”  I looked at him bewildered and said, “Ha, you can never have enough pillows!”  It’s still freezing in No. Dak. lately and there isn’t anything we can do outside yet.  We can’t mow the lawn, can’t plant, can’t weed, can’t play in the sun…we are limited to the indoors still.  So of course, I keep not only a clean house, but have to do something while hanging around so my go-to is always cross-stitching.



Valentine’s Pillow and such…

Well, I totally feel like the most terrible friend, EVER!!  You see, one of my best-friends since oh about 3rd grade sent me a Christmas present full of yummy German chocolate, from Germany and I, I sent her nothing in return.  We have NEVER exchanged gifts in our entire lives and the one year I am not prepared for the “just in case” she sends me something.  Ugggghh, sometimes I feel like I can’t win.  In any case I thought it would be just as awful to go out and buy something just to have a sent present to her, late.  How obvious would it be to have a present sent after the fact, just not my style.  So I decided I would make her a Valentine’s Day present!  Ya know that pillow I made for my cousin, Cami?  Well here is a duplicate, just some scraps chosen from a Valentine’s Day charm pack.


The Wedding

I realize that it has been about a few weeks or better since I have posted and although there have been no fun crafting activities with school back in full swing, our wedding photos have arrived and wanted to share!

I know that none of my family reads my blog; however, I want to give a huge thank you to my parents for hosting this delightful event at their home.  We definitely had a cost-effective wedding!  My mother, bless her heart, planned every single detail out and made it the day of my dreams!!  I love her so much!!

Also a huge thank you to Smokin on Site catering, that was the most delicious BBQ I have ever had in my life!!

A mighty “thank you” to our photographers, who were FREE!!  They may be amateurs but they captured everything we wanted anyways.  Our DJ who gave us a heck of a deal, my cousin!, who kept the party rockin until 2AM and the dance floor full the entire time!

Enjoy the photos!

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After about a month on hiatus from my sewing machine, I was getting the itch to create something.  Since my mom and sister’s birthday are coming up and just so happen to land on the same day of each other, I found for my mom a super cool Marine pattern, sparkley star and sandstone patterns to create the most adorable apron, ever!  My little brother is a Marine so I felt that this pattern would be fitting for my mom!



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!