This past summer one of the neighbors was having an estate auction and moving.  Of course my husband was super interested in going.  We specifically found a large metal bucket that was full of brand new canning jars, we wanted it.




Although the bedroom is quickly wrapping up…just a little more to do.  I wanted to share the curtains I had made.

The color to the bedroom didn’t turn out exactly as I was hoping…I’m slightly disappointed by it, but if all else fails, I can paint over it in a couple years anyways.  I am slightly kicking myself, I think I should have went with a more neutral color.

But none-the-less it’s clearly better than the grey that was there before it.


First quilt of sorts…

With all of the finishing touches of the living remodel almost to a completed status and a working like a maniac (somehow picked up a fourth job as adjunct math teacher for Minot State) I have had little time to myself for doing anything fun.  I started working on my first quilting project.  I started off with a small pattern.  I decided that charm packs are quite adorable with all the fabric choices and wanted to create a project which utilized them.  I found a charm pack at the local quilting store, Quilted Ceiling, and they had all kinds of pastels, browns, and teals.  This is the theme I kind of want to go for in my bedroom.  I decided to make a table runner, except I would be using it as a piece to go on top of my dresser.


Pillow Fun!

Since graduating I have realized, I have a lot of time, I mean A LOT of time and most I spend rummaging through other blog websites and google for fun projects.  I have created a stash of leftover fabric remnants from various projects I have completed.  Some small and some large pieces, and I didn’t know what to do with them.

One of my many cousins’, Cami, is moving into a new place and had invited me to her housewarming party; however, I will be unable to attend, but still wanted to do create something nice for her for her new place.   I headed off to the internet in search of some ideas…


Mmmm…the smell of coffee!!

I allow to treat myself once per week to Starbucks coffee, always on Saturday after one of my 9 hour shifts at my second job for a little pick-me-up for the afternoon.  As I was driving to the 3rd job with my delicious Peppermint Mocha, I looked at the brown cozy and thought “this could make a delightful pattern.” As my 45-minute drive progressed the wheels were also turning in my head as I realized I could create my own coffee cup cozy using this pattern and upon arrival of home in the evening, I did!



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!