Christmas for a friend…

Christmas really sucked this year.  It wasn’t how I envisioned Christmas.  I really LOVE Christmas, but this year, this year has such sad undertones, I didn’t even put my tree up or any decorations for that matter.  It didn’t even feel like Christmas.  I watched the movies on Hallmark, played Christmas music and even wore an ugly sweater, but just couldn’t get in the Christmas spirit.  This year was to be when my family would be at MY house, but when grandma is placed in assisted living and we are her only family left, plans change.  When my husband’s mother spent Thanksgiving in the hospital and then later before Christmas announced she won’t be continuing her chemo treatment, plans change.  In my fit of selfishness, I volunteered to work at Holiday on Christmas day, because why not?  Christmas is going to suck anyways… We ended up having Christmas Even with my husband’s side of the family barely showing up, just long enough to get a quick photo and then everyone dispersed.  No special dinner, no exchanging of gifts, just hanging out…because as Joey’s dad said “Christmas is cancelled, why are you here?”



Picture Frame

So now that things have slowed down…not a whole lot, but just a little, I was going through my phone and found a project I had actually completed!  Who knew?!  During Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to the Twin Cities to help my mom with her garage sale.  She had some cheap picture frames that I snagged right up to complete a project I had saw from The Cottage Mama.  Although, in the tutorial, an antique picture frame was used, I thought, these simple ones will just have to work.  I found some fabric I had laying around from other projects and decided to give it a whirl to help complete my living room decor. 


Gardening in the Sun!

The sun has finally peaked outside and high temperatures in the mid-70s have finally arrived!!  This is extremely excited considering less than a month ago we had SNOW on the ground!!

After the dog poo was racked, the lawn was mowed, and leaves cleaned up (we didn’t quite get them all in the fall before it snowed) it was off to the greenhouse to find some neat flowers!


To Paris and Back

This past weekend was extremely busy with working 20 hours (10 Saturday and 10 on Sunday) and when you get up at 2:30 in the morning to go to said job, you are very tired when you get home.   BUT…my new fabric had arrived from and I really wanted to make new curtains for my bathroom.  I just couldn’t stand the ugly plain red that I had quickly purchased at Wal-Mart, but it lasted for the time being until I had found something I absolutely loved.


Valentine’s Pillow and such…

Well, I totally feel like the most terrible friend, EVER!!  You see, one of my best-friends since oh about 3rd grade sent me a Christmas present full of yummy German chocolate, from Germany and I, I sent her nothing in return.  We have NEVER exchanged gifts in our entire lives and the one year I am not prepared for the “just in case” she sends me something.  Ugggghh, sometimes I feel like I can’t win.  In any case I thought it would be just as awful to go out and buy something just to have a sent present to her, late.  How obvious would it be to have a present sent after the fact, just not my style.  So I decided I would make her a Valentine’s Day present!  Ya know that pillow I made for my cousin, Cami?  Well here is a duplicate, just some scraps chosen from a Valentine’s Day charm pack.



I wish I could make all handmade gifts for Christmas; however, this year does not seem to be in the cards for doing so.  My mother-in-law loves to have a journal where she writes down all kinds of things so I found a free pattern on the Cottage Home website and went to town.  I found the fabric at the local fabric store here in town, Quilted Ceiling, and bought 5 semi-matching fat quarters.  I am usually good at picking out a few pieces of fabric that go together; however, I struggle with making multiple kinds work.  I have tried doing some research on picking matching fabrics, but I seem to fail.  Please let me know what you think.



Well everyone, I have finished my thesis!  It has yet to be graded and I have yet to defend my thesis, but I finished writing my thesis.  There is a reason why I enjoy math, its because I get to turn numbers into letters and not letters into phrases.  Writing, is NOT my strong suit and I get very overwhelmed and anxious about it, but I did it!

To celebrate, I decided to take my sewing machine out…it has been starring me down lately, begging to be used.  I have a co-worker at Holiday who is getting ready to have her baby late December, but I wanted to make her something cute.  I settled on wanting to make an outfit for her little girl; however, the only patterns I saw were for summer/spring outfits.  Well, since they go to the lake I found a super cute FREE pinafore top from Smashed Peas and Carrots and decided I could do this!  I made the size to fit 6 months to 12 months as that would be approximately the size needed by the time the little one reaches summer.  Found some super cute fabric through and away I went.  I also decided I should make a diaper cover, which was way more complicated than I had intended, but it worked, none the less.


Make-up is my best friend!

Another week, no school, still on “summer vacation” until my final 3 classes of my graduate degree!!  In the meantime, I found a very cute pattern from Sew4Home to create a make-up brush set organizer.   Now, why did I choose to make a brush-set organizer?  Ever since I was little it has been instilled in me that women just wear make-up.  My mother, an avid Mary Kay wearer and seller has insured a never ending supply of make-up, why not?  There I am every morning dutifully putting on 5 shades of color followed up with liner, mascara, blush and a hint of lip stick.  Although this sounds like a lot, it has also been instilled that there is a right and wrong way of wearing make-up.  It must appear that you aren’t wearing any.



After about a month on hiatus from my sewing machine, I was getting the itch to create something.  Since my mom and sister’s birthday are coming up and just so happen to land on the same day of each other, I found for my mom a super cool Marine pattern, sparkley star and sandstone patterns to create the most adorable apron, ever!  My little brother is a Marine so I felt that this pattern would be fitting for my mom!



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