Picture Frame

So now that things have slowed down…not a whole lot, but just a little, I was going through my phone and found a project I had actually completed!  Who knew?!  During Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to the Twin Cities to help my mom with her garage sale.  She had some cheap picture frames that I snagged right up to complete a project I had saw from The Cottage Mama.  Although, in the tutorial, an antique picture frame was used, I thought, these simple ones will just have to work.  I found some fabric I had laying around from other projects and decided to give it a whirl to help complete my living room decor. 



Photo Frames

After realizing that I have a ton of fabric left over, I wanted to try another project for the photographers at my wedding.  My cousin, Jocelyn, and my sister’s friend, Ashley, have graciously agreed to take photos for free during the ceremony and randomly throughout the night.  I wanted to create something which they could re-use and be fun at the same time.  I found a site which had information on how to create



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!