I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I have blogged.  I truly need to do this more often as it really helps to reflect what’s happening in my life.  It’s been a CRAZY 3 months to say the least.  We lost my husband’s mother to pancreatic cancer at the age of 50 in March.  Since then, life has been a whirlwind helping his youngest brother, Tyler, prepare for the last months of his senior year in high school.

We first had to get him ready for prom, which was only a week or so after the funeral.  Doesn’t he look amazing?!

Joey, Maddie, Tyler and I

Joey, Maddie, Tyler and I

His date, Maddie, is something extraordinary!

We then had to set out and start planning for graduation!!  Life has been so awful with the passing of the diagnosis of their mother in August and then just a short couple weeks later loosing their grandfather to lung cancer in September.  As a senior in high school, Tyler has had to witness and participate in life altering experiences no one his age should have to go through.  Joey and I wanted to make things extra special for him and to have a “normal” senior year experience.

Thanks to Shutterfly, Tyler and I designed and made some pretty extraordinary announcements and got nearly 300 of them mailed out within a week!




Tyler helps stuff envelopes!

Flash forward to this past week.  Joey and I had gone shopping for food.  Who knew planning for about 200 people would be so hard!  We’ve never had to do this!


  • Sloppy Joes (20 pounds of ground beef)
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Deviled Eggs (for both the macaroni salad and deviled eggs, we used 90 eggs!)
  • Punch (Hawaiian punch with Sprite)
  • Cake (2 sheet cakes)
  • Nuts
  • M&Ms
  • Coffee
  • Mints
  • Potato Chips
  • Baked Beans

We went to Sam’s club to get all our ingredients and walked away with a HUGE cart full!

Friday, we arrived at the farm to clean, because well, since their mom has passed away, not much cleaning has happened with their dad there by himself.

Saturday, Joey and I arrived back at the farm to start cooking all the food and arranging tables/chairs.


Tyler and Uncle Roy bringing in an setting up tables, while Maddie supervises.


Uncle Roy working hard.

Bringing in Tables

Bringing in Tables

Once most of the food was complete, we needed to cut buns for the Sloppy Joe’s.


Steve (the dad) and Aunt Kristie cutting many many buns!


We even got Joey and Uncle Roy help re-bag and move buns.

Time to set up decorations!


This is a blanket that Tyler’s mom had crotchet, she made each of her kids a name blanket, even I have one!

Joey helped put balloons up!

Joey helped put balloons up!


The food spread…wow…what work it is to feed so many people!

IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1655 IMG_1665What a whirlwind of a day yesterday.  Tyler was only 8 years old when Joey and I started dating, so I love him just as I love my own brother.  He is such a strong young-man, full of life and excitement.  Joey and I are so excited for what is to come for him and his future.  This chapter may be ending, but there is so much more to his story!

Joey, Tyler and I

Joey, Tyler and I



Again…a VERY late post!

Every year my cousins and I get together for our annual Cookie Party Exchange.  We each make a half dozen for each of the other cousins and share the story behind them and why we made our cookies at an event.  We rotate between each cousin’s house and it’s just a very pleasant day!

Belland Cousin's Cookie Party

Belland Cousin’s Cookie Party



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