Reclaimed Wood Projects

I’ve been completely consumed with teaching and have had minimal time for any projects but when I do it’s gotta be in bits and pieces. This past summer we had gotten some blocks for our yard and they were on a nice pallet. I kept the pallet knowing I wanted to do something with it. I decided to make some fun signs.

For my kitchen, my niece and I always bake and dance so this fits perfect!

My niece and I went to taking apart the pallet on a hot summer day. I cut the nice planks down to size then sanded.

For my sister for Christmas, she has a flock of egg-laying chickens!

For each project I used an antique white paint from Michels. Finding fun fonts I downloaded the fonts and printed as big as I wanted. Centered them as needed and used a ballpoint pen to outline my words. This was tough as sometimes the wood would not imprint.

Made for my brother for his new house, I didn’t grab a photo of the dark border, bummed!

For my sister-in-law and her husband for Christmas!

Using an oil-based sharpie paint pen, outlined my imprint and colored in. I finally used bargain wood from Menards with a dark stain to make the border. I love each of my projects and can’t wait to experiment more!

Th one below I used a square piece of wood and painted the wood with chalkboard paint so that I could make it an interactive board. I kept this for myself!

This final project I bought pre-made wood letters. My niece helped me paint the whole thing black and out letters sparkly orange! We then used a cardboard toilet paper roll and dipped it in orange paint and dabbed on the black portion. I used a staple gun to tack the letters on.


Another remodel…almost complete!

So, after my bedroom has been only half in shreds for well over a year, we have finally almost finished the bedroom this past weekend. What an AMAZING FEELING!!  Here are a  couple of BEFORE pictures…you can see the reason this needed to be completed, ASAP!

Bedroom before 1

Bedroom before 1


Living Room Remodel

We have been in our new home for about 2 years now and during the first month or so we had done a wee bit of remodeling to our bathroom.  There is still much more we would like to complete, but we are young and on a budget!I decided that our living room needed a little facelift.   We currently have this fireplace…

Old Fireplace

Old Fireplace



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