Pillow Fun!

Since graduating I have realized, I have a lot of time, I mean A LOT of time and most I spend rummaging through other blog websites and google for fun projects.  I have created a stash of leftover fabric remnants from various projects I have completed.  Some small and some large pieces, and I didn’t know what to do with them.

One of my many cousins’, Cami, is moving into a new place and had invited me to her housewarming party; however, I will be unable to attend, but still wanted to do create something nice for her for her new place.   I headed off to the internet in search of some ideas…




I wish I could make all handmade gifts for Christmas; however, this year does not seem to be in the cards for doing so.  My mother-in-law loves to have a journal where she writes down all kinds of things so I found a free pattern on the Cottage Home website and went to town.  I found the fabric at the local fabric store here in town, Quilted Ceiling, and bought 5 semi-matching fat quarters.  I am usually good at picking out a few pieces of fabric that go together; however, I struggle with making multiple kinds work.  I have tried doing some research on picking matching fabrics, but I seem to fail.  Please let me know what you think.



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!