Retaining Wall

Spring has finally arrived, I think, until it snowed again in northwest North Dakota and prayed it didn’t reach the Fargo area.

The very first BEAUTIFUL weekend happened last weekend and we were on a mission to build a retaining wall in our backyard.



Pickles, garlic and dill, OH MY!

I am a pickle snob.  Growing up, I only ate my mom’s pickles and although as I am older I will occasionally eat the Gydney pickles, I still prefer my mom’s over anything else.  Now, also, I only like the baby dill size.  I don’t like those ginormous ones…uuugh ick!  I also don’t like sweet or bread and butter pickles; however, my husband does.


Beans, Beans, and Peas!

Oh wow!!  Our first harvest from the garden came in this weekend amid many other things we are doing.  We got my sister-in-law moved into her house so now we share backyards!  I got quite a bit of my housework I wanted to complete before the big party this upcoming weekend, the sister-in-laws bridal shower  and even managed to get in about 20 hours of work… do I do it!

In any case, we had a LARGE bowl of beans/peas and there would be no way we could get to it them all within a reasonable amount of time, so we decided to blanch and freeze them.


Garden Update!

It has been approximately 2 months since we have planted our garden, almost to the date!  Things have moved and shaked and grown tremendously that I wanted to share some updates.  I was worried for a bit as we had a spell of rain rain rain!!  Now we are in some kind of heat wave where there is NO rain so we are watering and using miracle grow quite often to keep all the deliciousness growing!

Beautiful Pink Flower

Beautiful Pink Flower


Bird is the word!

There are so many things going on in my life right now, that I just needed a break to catch my breath and take a little me time.

I recently accepted a new job, my dream job.  A full time math teacher here at VCSU, I start on August 19th and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a full time teacher!!  I also took on an adjunct teaching job with Globe University teaching College Algebra on Wednesday nights, which I start on July 17th, I am also ecstatic about this!

We are hosting my parents on the 4th of July, which should be fun and also planning the bridal shower which is slowly shaping into something, what I hope is beautiful!


Gardening in the Sun!

The sun has finally peaked outside and high temperatures in the mid-70s have finally arrived!!  This is extremely excited considering less than a month ago we had SNOW on the ground!!

After the dog poo was racked, the lawn was mowed, and leaves cleaned up (we didn’t quite get them all in the fall before it snowed) it was off to the greenhouse to find some neat flowers!



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!