Although the bedroom is quickly wrapping up…just a little more to do.  I wanted to share the curtains I had made.

The color to the bedroom didn’t turn out exactly as I was hoping…I’m slightly disappointed by it, but if all else fails, I can paint over it in a couple years anyways.  I am slightly kicking myself, I think I should have went with a more neutral color.

But none-the-less it’s clearly better than the grey that was there before it.



Mmmm…the smell of coffee!!

I allow to treat myself once per week to Starbucks coffee, always on Saturday after one of my 9 hour shifts at my second job for a little pick-me-up for the afternoon.  As I was driving to the 3rd job with my delicious Peppermint Mocha, I looked at the brown cozy and thought “this could make a delightful pattern.” As my 45-minute drive progressed the wheels were also turning in my head as I realized I could create my own coffee cup cozy using this pattern and upon arrival of home in the evening, I did!


Basket full of fun!


I have successfully finished my mom’s birthday gift, previous post, and now it was time to attempt what I could make my soon to be 25 year old sister.  She is of a spunky sort as her paint in her kitchen is out of a tropical scene…very 5 o’clock somewhere ideas!  Very fun and welcoming.  Even though she now has her own home, it seems she is so difficult to shop for even though we are only 13 months apart, we are complete opposites.  I decided to make a beautiful table basket.  Her favorite color is orange, but felt that it was important to incorporate more colors than just orange.  I found the fun fabrics at JoAnn fabric.  The bias tape needed for the project, I made myself, pretty impressed with myself!!  The original design did not have any handle, but thought it would be pretty to add since I also had extra fabric left over.  More

My Favorite Tank Top…ruined….

One of my favorite stores to shop is Old Navy.  On so many events I have been able to find the perfect outfit that fit like a dream.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite tank tops from Old Navy was destroyed from my dog who jumped on me and got black dirt all over it!  Though the wash did some justice to the markings, they were still evident.  On a mission, I went ot JoAnn fabric and found, what I thought, an extremely cute print.  Picked up about a yard and headed home.  When home, I decided to cut apart my old shirt to use as a pattern.  I added about an inch all around so that I could make appropriate seams.  I realized halfway through cutting that I had folded my material in half the wrong way and would not have enough material to cut the back side of the shirt…bummer!  Chalking it up to beginners mistake, I headed back to JoAnn fabric.  As my luck would have it, the pattern I had chosen was no longer available…again, bu More


I think I am getting the hang of this, one day at a time.  I almost feel obsessed and my fiance is by now, frustrated that I keep interrupting his television shows with the sound a humming sewing machine.  I just can’t get enough!  I want to try everything!  The next project on my list this weekend that I had wanted to try was a quilted zippered cosmetic bag/pencil holder that measures about 9 in. by 6 in.  Using more of my leftover fabric from previous projects as well as batting and zippers I created these adorable bags.  I am unsure what I will be doing with them, but I feel it is a waste to just toss the fabric, if it can be utilized.  I found the pattern from Crafty Gemini as one of her older tutorials.  She utilizes an 8″ pattern; however, the zippers I found were either 7″ or 9″ so I modified the pattern a wee bit to match the materials I had on hand.


Photo Frames

After realizing that I have a ton of fabric left over, I wanted to try another project for the photographers at my wedding.  My cousin, Jocelyn, and my sister’s friend, Ashley, have graciously agreed to take photos for free during the ceremony and randomly throughout the night.  I wanted to create something which they could re-use and be fun at the same time.  I found a site which had information on how to create



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!