Rustic Front Door Wreath

My husband has A LOT of pheasant feathers and by a lot, I mean a large collection as he keeps tail feathers from each pheasant he takes down…it adds up quickly.

Further, he has quite a bit of random sets of deer antlers hanging around the garage.

I thought perhaps I could persuade him to let me use them in a project for the house.  He obliged and even cut apart the antlers for me so that I could work with them more easily.

I headed to Michaels and got some supplies…


I started first by painting the “R” with acrylic paint with a couple of coats.  While this dried, I placed the antlers.  They are held in place with craft wire.  I then inserted the feathers.  Most are loose stuck into the wreath; however, some I used hot glue to secure down.

Hot glue didn’t work to keep the “R” securely fastened so I used JB Weld and that baby hasn’t moved a bit!  I used a basic rope I found in the garage, cut it, for the string to hang.

The only thing I wish I could do was balance it a little bit more.  There is quite a bit of weight on the left side there and so it’s a little strange to hang, but overall was awesome to make!


Living room is complete!

A couple of weeks ago, I had some friends come over.  At that time I realized I had only completed 1 of the 4 valences needed to complete my living room windows.  It kinda looked….awkward!  So in a fit of rage and time constraints I got up super early to try and finish the valences…only time had gotten away from me and I ended up only completing 3 of the 4 valences.  Then a couple days later finished the 4th.  Upon arrival of my friends they didn’t even notice that one was missing…HA!!  So it really wouldn’t have mattered, but wanted to present a completed living room to show them.



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!