Tortilla Pizza!

So I was really craving pizza, like BAD, and we only had frozen pizza in our freezer and sometimes…well it tastes like cardboard if you know what I mean!  And living 25 miles away from the closest pizza joint that option was out.  I am sure there is a recipe like this out there somewhere, but hey, it came to me last night that I had a few ingredients already needed for the pizza.



Venison Enchiladas

About once a week I like to try a new recipe and I am so bad about modifying recipes and then NEVER writing down what I did, so this is the first attempt at my modification of a basic enchilada recipe.  My husband and brother had shot 2 deer this past fall and so our freezer is full of deer meat, ground, roasts, steaks, you name it, we have it.  I’ve been craving enchiladas and many recipes use chicken, but I wanted some venison on this cold winter evening in Fargo…uuugggh -30 below wind chills!!



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!