Pickles, garlic and dill, OH MY!

I am a pickle snob.  Growing up, I only ate my mom’s pickles and although as I am older I will occasionally eat the Gydney pickles, I still prefer my mom’s over anything else.  Now, also, I only like the baby dill size.  I don’t like those ginormous ones…uuugh ick!  I also don’t like sweet or bread and butter pickles; however, my husband does.




What a busy weekend!!  My folks came up on Wednesday night, spent the entire day at the demolition derby in Sanborn on the 4th followed up with some awesome fireworks, hosted a family bbq at my place on Friday, said “Adios” to the family on Saturday morning and made strawberry jam on Sunday.  Whew!!  Just thinking of all that work makes me exhausted, I need a vacation from my vacation.



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!