Niece’s 1st Birthday Dress…

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love being an auntie!  Joey and I do not plan on having children of our own and my siblings aren’t married, nor do they have children.  On Joey’s side, his sister, had a baby, Allison.  And she is the cutest little thing I have ever met.  Thankfully she lives in the house next to ours so we are blessed to see her quite often.  I asked my sister-in-law if it would be okay if I made her birthday dress and I can’t even get enough of it!



First Quilt!

My best-friend since elementary school had a birthday coming up in February…the 20th to be exact.  When you’re friends this long it starts to become difficult to find the perfect gift and I personally much prefer homemade gifts.


Shared Birthday Pillows!!

My sister is so lucky she shares the same birthday as my mom!  Weird, I know!  My mom always tells the story of how she was at dinner celebrating her birthday at Market BBQ and BAM here comes my sister and she says “I don’t want this baby born on my birthday!”  But here came my little sister anyways.  We are only 13 months apart, but we are complete opposites in every way possible, but I love her!  This year I wanted to make something special for her.  She has a unique taste, full of color and chickens….She has these four pet chickens so my inspiration came from them and her entire house is painted in bright colors so I chose bright colors to match her living room.  I made her a fashion pillow she could put on her couch.


Wasting time on Pintrest…

Well, my friend, Sam, her birthday is coming up and I am NOT going to flop like I did with Jen’s birthday.  Bless her heart for being so understanding at my failures!!  So, Sam and I, we go way back, like 3rd grade way back just like Jen and I…we are the three musketeers!!  Sam and I love to swap books, we do this a couple times a month, if allowable, so since her birthday is coming up at the beginning of June I wanted to create something really unique and homemade that pertained to our book hobby.  So, there I was searching Pintrest…wasting HOURS of time!!!  I found this really cute picture of a wreath and although the link to the directions was broken, I told myself, “I got this!”


Paw Paw Party!

Since we have been married the next logical question is, “when are ya gonna have babies?”  Well, for those who know us know that I, we, absolutely ADORE our dogs.  I have mentioned Zeus.  He is our recent rescue.  We have had him for well over a year now.  He celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 21st.  He is 1/2 bull mastiff, 1/4 terrier and 1/4 spaniel.  An interesting combination if I do say so myself.  He has so much energy, but at the end of the day loves to be cuddled to sleep.  Then, we have Rolo.  We adopted Rolo just after he was weened from his mommy.  He was an “oops” puppy.  He is 1/2 pit bull and 1/2 yellow lab, the sweetest baby you would ever meet!  I love him to pieces.  His birthday is on the 29th and he will be 7.  Although he is getting old, he still has lots of spunk in him when you mention the word, “cookie” :0)  To celebrate this year I found an awesome cake recipe for the pups.


A time to celebrate!

I love birthdays!  I love celebrating birthdays!  It is a thing around work here that whenever there is a birthday the corresponding office will make goodies and invite almost the entire floor to celebrate said birthday and it happens roughly once a week.  Well, this week is the Registrar’s office turn.  Two of our co-workers are celebrating birthdays this week and next so Karen and I decided to combine their birthdays.  I am unsure what Karen has decided to make, but I am always on the hunt for a new recipe.  Of course, wasting time I was filtering through Pintrest…wasteland of time!  And I found a really cute picture with the caption “Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.”  That certainly interested me.  I quickly googled and found a few contrasting recipes so I decided to intermingle the recipes.



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!