Although the bedroom is quickly wrapping up…just a little more to do.  I wanted to share the curtains I had made.

The color to the bedroom didn’t turn out exactly as I was hoping…I’m slightly disappointed by it, but if all else fails, I can paint over it in a couple years anyways.  I am slightly kicking myself, I think I should have went with a more neutral color.

But none-the-less it’s clearly better than the grey that was there before it.



Another remodel…almost complete!

So, after my bedroom has been only half in shreds for well over a year, we have finally almost finished the bedroom this past weekend. What an AMAZING FEELING!!  Here are a  couple of BEFORE pictures…you can see the reason this needed to be completed, ASAP!

Bedroom before 1

Bedroom before 1



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!