Reclaimed Wood Projects

I’ve been completely consumed with teaching and have had minimal time for any projects but when I do it’s gotta be in bits and pieces. This past summer we had gotten some blocks for our yard and they were on a nice pallet. I kept the pallet knowing I wanted to do something with it. I decided to make some fun signs.

For my kitchen, my niece and I always bake and dance so this fits perfect!

My niece and I went to taking apart the pallet on a hot summer day. I cut the nice planks down to size then sanded.

For my sister for Christmas, she has a flock of egg-laying chickens!

For each project I used an antique white paint from Michels. Finding fun fonts I downloaded the fonts and printed as big as I wanted. Centered them as needed and used a ballpoint pen to outline my words. This was tough as sometimes the wood would not imprint.

Made for my brother for his new house, I didn’t grab a photo of the dark border, bummed!

For my sister-in-law and her husband for Christmas!

Using an oil-based sharpie paint pen, outlined my imprint and colored in. I finally used bargain wood from Menards with a dark stain to make the border. I love each of my projects and can’t wait to experiment more!

Th one below I used a square piece of wood and painted the wood with chalkboard paint so that I could make it an interactive board. I kept this for myself!

This final project I bought pre-made wood letters. My niece helped me paint the whole thing black and out letters sparkly orange! We then used a cardboard toilet paper roll and dipped it in orange paint and dabbed on the black portion. I used a staple gun to tack the letters on.


Quoteable Pillows

Joey asked me recently as I was down stairs putting my latest project together, “Harm, haven’t you made enough pillows?”  I looked at him bewildered and said, “Ha, you can never have enough pillows!”  It’s still freezing in No. Dak. lately and there isn’t anything we can do outside yet.  We can’t mow the lawn, can’t plant, can’t weed, can’t play in the sun…we are limited to the indoors still.  So of course, I keep not only a clean house, but have to do something while hanging around so my go-to is always cross-stitching.


Retaining Wall

Spring has finally arrived, I think, until it snowed again in northwest North Dakota and prayed it didn’t reach the Fargo area.

The very first BEAUTIFUL weekend happened last weekend and we were on a mission to build a retaining wall in our backyard.


Another remodel…almost complete!

So, after my bedroom has been only half in shreds for well over a year, we have finally almost finished the bedroom this past weekend. What an AMAZING FEELING!!  Here are a  couple of BEFORE pictures…you can see the reason this needed to be completed, ASAP!

Bedroom before 1

Bedroom before 1


Bridal Shower

Weeks of planning and staying up until the wee hours of the night on my birthday, but the bridal shower turned out beautifully!  I am so super excited to share these photos of the party.  Although there were 25 who responded with a yes, but only 15 showed up, it was still a great time.  On a side note rant…if you say you are going to be somewhere, you should be there.  Anyways, the groom-to-be joined in on the fun unexpectedly as well as participated in the events which made it all that much more fun.  My husband was the official photographer, so bare with him!!


Beans, Beans, and Peas!

Oh wow!!  Our first harvest from the garden came in this weekend amid many other things we are doing.  We got my sister-in-law moved into her house so now we share backyards!  I got quite a bit of my housework I wanted to complete before the big party this upcoming weekend, the sister-in-laws bridal shower  and even managed to get in about 20 hours of work… do I do it!

In any case, we had a LARGE bowl of beans/peas and there would be no way we could get to it them all within a reasonable amount of time, so we decided to blanch and freeze them.


Garden Update!

It has been approximately 2 months since we have planted our garden, almost to the date!  Things have moved and shaked and grown tremendously that I wanted to share some updates.  I was worried for a bit as we had a spell of rain rain rain!!  Now we are in some kind of heat wave where there is NO rain so we are watering and using miracle grow quite often to keep all the deliciousness growing!

Beautiful Pink Flower

Beautiful Pink Flower


Picture Frame

So now that things have slowed down…not a whole lot, but just a little, I was going through my phone and found a project I had actually completed!  Who knew?!  During Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to the Twin Cities to help my mom with her garage sale.  She had some cheap picture frames that I snagged right up to complete a project I had saw from The Cottage Mama.  Although, in the tutorial, an antique picture frame was used, I thought, these simple ones will just have to work.  I found some fabric I had laying around from other projects and decided to give it a whirl to help complete my living room decor. 


Gardening in the Sun!

The sun has finally peaked outside and high temperatures in the mid-70s have finally arrived!!  This is extremely excited considering less than a month ago we had SNOW on the ground!!

After the dog poo was racked, the lawn was mowed, and leaves cleaned up (we didn’t quite get them all in the fall before it snowed) it was off to the greenhouse to find some neat flowers!


Not a walk in the park…

We all remember the ugly looking bright green fireplace, right?

Old Fireplace

Old Fireplace


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