It’s Fishy…

I don’t know about you, but I think about Christmas all year long and shop too!  I’ve been struggling what to give my one and only niece, Allie.  At Christmas she will be just over 11 months and yes toys are a slam dunk I wanted it to be more personal.

I naturally took to Pinterest for inspiration and found this adorable pattern here:


Teacher Exhausted…

This is a craft blog, but I need to rant, please! Maybe it’s that winter never seems to end, maybe my students are getting restless, maybe it’s end of the semester, or maybe it’s the end of a school year,  but I am exhausted…drained…tired and need a reboot.

I have a strong pull and passion for teaching mathematics…I don’t care what type of mathematics, all mathematics…


Quoteable Pillows

Joey asked me recently as I was down stairs putting my latest project together, “Harm, haven’t you made enough pillows?”  I looked at him bewildered and said, “Ha, you can never have enough pillows!”  It’s still freezing in No. Dak. lately and there isn’t anything we can do outside yet.  We can’t mow the lawn, can’t plant, can’t weed, can’t play in the sun…we are limited to the indoors still.  So of course, I keep not only a clean house, but have to do something while hanging around so my go-to is always cross-stitching.


Math and Pillows!

While taking a trip to the local fabric store in Valley City, I found this adorable math fabric by Moda!  I was thrilled to say the least!!!  Not sure what I wanted to do with it, I decided on the black and white design and purchased one yard.  I sat on the fabric for at least 3 months before I decided to make some pillows I’d use in my office.  I made 2- 14″ square throw pillows that I will use in my office on the chairs my students sit in.

Basic pillow formation here.  It’s an envelope style in the back.  Took about an hour from start to finish.  I have just a little leftover fabric so I may spruce up a couple hand towels for use at home with the leftover fabric. 

Just look at this fabric!!!  Completely “needing” out right now!     

Christmas Stocking in February

I’ve been getting quite a bit of projects that have been hanging around completed over the past several weeks; however, I do look forward to starting some new projects!  Last year I made Joey his very own stocking here, I even started my very own stocking right after his was complete in hopes we could have our very own stockings both up for this past Christmas…however, TWO people were expecting and their baby blankets were a wee bit more important at that point.


First Quilt!

My best-friend since elementary school had a birthday coming up in February…the 20th to be exact.  When you’re friends this long it starts to become difficult to find the perfect gift and I personally much prefer homemade gifts.


Baby Shower

During the 4th of July last year my sister in law announced her baby news!  My mother quickly volunteered for me to throw the baby shower.  Now I had given Samantha a bridal shower and felt confident to complete a baby shower for her; however it quickly got out of control.


Christmas in May!

Back during my winter break I started cross-stitching a stocking.  As a little girl growing up we would always spend the weekend before Christmas at my Grandma B.’s house.  For each grandchild she always had hung a cross-stitched stocking.  She had quickly run out of space above the fireplace as the number of grandchildren had grew, but they each are unique.  I wanted to start that tradition at our house.  Even though we aren’t planning on having children, doesn’t mean we can’t have traditions of our own.

I found the pattern from Amazon, but the manufacturer is Dimensions.  The link is HERE.  The pattern was a stamped pattern and in the past I haven’t had very good luck with stamped stitching outside of baby blankets.  I don’t think I would do this style again.  I started with my husband and am on the lookout for more one for myself.


I really liked the vibrant colors!  Even have a huge love of snowmen 🙂 

The pattern used all half stitches and I learned a new stitch I hadn’t done before, the Continental/Backweave stitch. This stitch is used to cover large areas and to also help cover the backside such that the light or white part doesn’t come through.  It was a fairly easy stitch to complete once I figured it out.  As a side note this particular kit had LOTS of thread leftover.  I never know what to do with my leftover thread, what do you do?


I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I have blogged.  I truly need to do this more often as it really helps to reflect what’s happening in my life.  It’s been a CRAZY 3 months to say the least.  We lost my husband’s mother to pancreatic cancer at the age of 50 in March.  Since then, life has been a whirlwind helping his youngest brother, Tyler, prepare for the last months of his senior year in high school.

We first had to get him ready for prom, which was only a week or so after the funeral.  Doesn’t he look amazing?!

Joey, Maddie, Tyler and I

Joey, Maddie, Tyler and I

His date, Maddie, is something extraordinary!

We then had to set out and start planning for graduation!!  Life has been so awful with the passing of the diagnosis of their mother in August and then just a short couple weeks later loosing their grandfather to lung cancer in September.  As a senior in high school, Tyler has had to witness and participate in life altering experiences no one his age should have to go through.  Joey and I wanted to make things extra special for him and to have a “normal” senior year experience.

Thanks to Shutterfly, Tyler and I designed and made some pretty extraordinary announcements and got nearly 300 of them mailed out within a week!




Tyler helps stuff envelopes!

Flash forward to this past week.  Joey and I had gone shopping for food.  Who knew planning for about 200 people would be so hard!  We’ve never had to do this!


  • Sloppy Joes (20 pounds of ground beef)
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Deviled Eggs (for both the macaroni salad and deviled eggs, we used 90 eggs!)
  • Punch (Hawaiian punch with Sprite)
  • Cake (2 sheet cakes)
  • Nuts
  • M&Ms
  • Coffee
  • Mints
  • Potato Chips
  • Baked Beans

We went to Sam’s club to get all our ingredients and walked away with a HUGE cart full!

Friday, we arrived at the farm to clean, because well, since their mom has passed away, not much cleaning has happened with their dad there by himself.

Saturday, Joey and I arrived back at the farm to start cooking all the food and arranging tables/chairs.


Tyler and Uncle Roy bringing in an setting up tables, while Maddie supervises.


Uncle Roy working hard.

Bringing in Tables

Bringing in Tables

Once most of the food was complete, we needed to cut buns for the Sloppy Joe’s.


Steve (the dad) and Aunt Kristie cutting many many buns!


We even got Joey and Uncle Roy help re-bag and move buns.

Time to set up decorations!


This is a blanket that Tyler’s mom had crotchet, she made each of her kids a name blanket, even I have one!

Joey helped put balloons up!

Joey helped put balloons up!


The food spread…wow…what work it is to feed so many people!

IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1655 IMG_1665What a whirlwind of a day yesterday.  Tyler was only 8 years old when Joey and I started dating, so I love him just as I love my own brother.  He is such a strong young-man, full of life and excitement.  Joey and I are so excited for what is to come for him and his future.  This chapter may be ending, but there is so much more to his story!

Joey, Tyler and I

Joey, Tyler and I

Weight Loss Journey…

…it hasn’t been easy this past year!  This week I am celebrating my 1 full year at Curves and my NEW healthy living lifestyle.  Getting here hasn’t been easy, but I am sure thankful for the road I have lead down and am currently at 30 pounds lighter!  WAHOO!!  Now, there is plenty more to go, let me assure you, but wow, I am just amazed at what I can do when I put my mind to something.


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