A little gift…

I have an odd situation for my job.  My “home” campus is 4 hours directly north and I am located at a different college.  It’s crazy how one gets used to phone and email for communication and not actually walking down to ones office for questions.  I have incredible students and I wouldn’t change my “situation” for anything in the world.  But there is someone very special at the “home” campus who continuously answers any and all crazy questions I can come up with.  I wanted to do something special for her.  I also realized I had ordered 5 hand-sanitizers from Bath and Body Works…apparently I wanted to REALLY get prepared for cold/flu season on campus, haha!



Back to School!!!

Back to school, means back to stress!!  The hours are near for school to return and I am teaching a HUGE amount of overload.  So I need to stay on track, who’s with me?!?!

Let’s do a BACK TO SCHOOL CLEANSE!!!!!!!

I’m looking for at least 10 people to do a product testimony to get their body back before the Holiday Season!!! You would get your awesome products at my price, commit to using them for 3 consecutive months (August, September, and October), track your progress with pictures and send them to me! You get to choose whatever product to start out with…and you can get the same thing each month OR switch it up!

You will have access to reach me anytime to ask questions about when or what you should use! I love helping people get healthy and on track!!!! Message me to get started this month — time is ticking, lets look our best for the Holidays!

Back to School Cleanse

Back to School Cleanse

Weight Loss Challenge

With my summer starting to get more and more hectic and less relaxed (I can’t believe my contract starts in just a couple short weeks).  With that, I want to start a Weight Loss Challenge!!

I am looking for as many people who want to work together and support one another on this journey for 3 MONTHS!!

Head over to my Facebook page for more details and to get registered…

AND!!!  There will be a prize to the person with the biggest percentage of weight loss!!

Dynamic Duo


Still continuing my quest on discovering who I am and making sure I put myself first!!  I have been with ItWorks now for about 1 1/2 months now and I LOVE IT!!   Added to my workout regimen these products are giving me just the boost I need to continue to be successful!  I have now done a few parties (which I rocked) and am changing others’ lives EVERYDAY and that really appeals to the teacher in me!!


To celebrate my excitement, we should do a giveaway!

Head over to my ItWorks Facebook page like and comment which balloon you want to pop!!  Each balloon has a sweet treat!! 🙂


**Event only open for the first 15 people! HURRY!!

Health and Happiness…

Although I am technically on summer vacation, my FIRST summer OFF, EVER, even though I’m still working my other 3 jobs, my full time one is on hold until August 18th!!

With that, I thought I would be getting a TON more crafting done, but that has yet to happen.  In between mowing what seems like every other day due to rain and the rapidly growing grass, I’ve been focusing on other yard projects, like moving rocks.  While doing so I’ve been able to spend a lot of time thinking about ME!



As I get older, I have quickly realized how time can get away from you.  While peeling potatoes last night, pretty sure I had a breakdown of tears realizing how much needs to get done and how much is CHANGING during these upcoming weeks.  Here is kind of a breakdown of the next two weeks of my life…which once complete will hopefully calm down a bit…and for my sanity to see it all in one location outside of my brain!!


Garden Update!

It has been approximately 2 months since we have planted our garden, almost to the date!  Things have moved and shaked and grown tremendously that I wanted to share some updates.  I was worried for a bit as we had a spell of rain rain rain!!  Now we are in some kind of heat wave where there is NO rain so we are watering and using miracle grow quite often to keep all the deliciousness growing!

Beautiful Pink Flower

Beautiful Pink Flower


It’s Official….

After the last beer was drunk and last piece of cake was eaten, I officially was Mrs. Richman.  Even after 8 years of dating I never once had “practiced” writing my name with my now husbands last name…its kinda strang.  People ask if you “feel any different” now that you are married and truthfully, I don’t.  I feel exactly where I should at this point in time in my life.  I feel comfort in knowing that my soul-mate will be with me forever.  Since the final preparations of wedding planning and ending summer semester I had not yet had time to do any crafting as I would have liked, but as our “honeymoon” is winding down I thought I would share some of our at home wedding photos.  We decided to get married at my parents home as I feel it is the most peaceful and beautiful place on earth and ever since I was little, I wanted an at home wedding.  It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined.  I am so thankful for all those that were involved, especially my parents for all their hard work in preparations!!


I can already taste the salsa….

As of lately, I have had to put the sewing machine down in order to pick up some summer graduate classes as well as picked up a 3rd, well technically 4th job.  However, as the summer has been rolling out so has my garden.  After a few many weeks since planting, the wait is starting to pay off as small pieces of veggies/fruits are starting to blossom and grow.



Wedding DaySeptember 1st, 2012
Our Wedding Day!