Baby Gift

A friend of mine is having a baby and she is simply glowing full of sunshine!

I’ve been working on a few things for her; however, teaching interrupts the best of intentions!  She stated the baby’s theme will be Cinderella!  I found this adorable cross stitch quote from this Etsy shop.  I paired with white Aida fabric and turned into a cute 12″ X 12″ envelope pillow, complete with Cinderella themed fabric from

However I had first made a pit stop at Michaels arts and craft store and saw these bibs that appear to be “princess” themed and completed these quickly over the December holiday break.  The brand for these are both Dimensions.  All together I hope she likes her gift which will be mailed tomorrow!


Quoteable Pillows

Joey asked me recently as I was down stairs putting my latest project together, “Harm, haven’t you made enough pillows?”  I looked at him bewildered and said, “Ha, you can never have enough pillows!”  It’s still freezing in No. Dak. lately and there isn’t anything we can do outside yet.  We can’t mow the lawn, can’t plant, can’t weed, can’t play in the sun…we are limited to the indoors still.  So of course, I keep not only a clean house, but have to do something while hanging around so my go-to is always cross-stitching.


Christmas Stocking in February

I’ve been getting quite a bit of projects that have been hanging around completed over the past several weeks; however, I do look forward to starting some new projects!  Last year I made Joey his very own stocking here, I even started my very own stocking right after his was complete in hopes we could have our very own stockings both up for this past Christmas…however, TWO people were expecting and their baby blankets were a wee bit more important at that point.


Christmas in May!

Back during my winter break I started cross-stitching a stocking.  As a little girl growing up we would always spend the weekend before Christmas at my Grandma B.’s house.  For each grandchild she always had hung a cross-stitched stocking.  She had quickly run out of space above the fireplace as the number of grandchildren had grew, but they each are unique.  I wanted to start that tradition at our house.  Even though we aren’t planning on having children, doesn’t mean we can’t have traditions of our own.

I found the pattern from Amazon, but the manufacturer is Dimensions.  The link is HERE.  The pattern was a stamped pattern and in the past I haven’t had very good luck with stamped stitching outside of baby blankets.  I don’t think I would do this style again.  I started with my husband and am on the lookout for more one for myself.


I really liked the vibrant colors!  Even have a huge love of snowmen 🙂 

The pattern used all half stitches and I learned a new stitch I hadn’t done before, the Continental/Backweave stitch. This stitch is used to cover large areas and to also help cover the backside such that the light or white part doesn’t come through.  It was a fairly easy stitch to complete once I figured it out.  As a side note this particular kit had LOTS of thread leftover.  I never know what to do with my leftover thread, what do you do?

Spring “Thank You”

As of in about 5 hours, I will have completed my very first year as a full time teacher!  I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity.  I have learned so much along my journey and am excited to take a break and start fresh in the Fall!  Dakota College at Bottineau has been just simply amazing.  Along my journey, I have had a mentor, Joy, words can’t describe how she has helped me make this transition and be there for all of my questions along the way.  To thank her, I cross-stitched a simple piece from Dimensions, although I purchased it at Michaels arts and crafts store….looking at the price from, I feel I should have purchased it through them!  I put it in a frame that stands up, I hope she likes it…looking at it via picture, I feel as if I should have ironed it better, you can’t tell looking at the photo…ooopss!!!

Live Simply

Live Simply


Older Project

It has now been tradition when a friend of mine is soon to be having a baby, I will spend the preceding 9 months cross-stitching a beautiful baby blanket.  Lots of love has gone into this for my best-friend Jennie’s 2nd child.

This particular pattern was found at the Dimensions cross stitching website.

Carson's Baby Blanket

Carson’s Baby Blanket


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