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My weight-loss journey has certainly been a LONG journey, started well over 2 years ago.  I started on my own with just exercise and watching what I ate, I lost about 25 pounds on my own.  Last summer, running regularly and eating the good parts of the food pyramid, I started gaining weight and was confused, flustered, angry and depressed.  Instead of giving up, I talked with my family doctor who advised me to speak with some kind of specialist who lives a live style that is low in carbs.  What did I have to loose?  So, I went to see Dr. Leah, and she set me up on living Low Carb and it’s hard, every day is HARD, but it has been the most rewarding and educational journey I’ve ever been on!  She has taught me some amazing LIFE LONG skills that can keep this going for me forever!  What I enjoy most is I get to eat regular people food every single day.  I don’t have any special foods I have to buy from some specialized location, it’s normal grocery store food.  It doesn’t cost me any more than it did before, because frankly, I’m a teacher, I don’t have a whole lot extra to fork over.




Tortilla Pizza!

So I was really craving pizza, like BAD, and we only had frozen pizza in our freezer and sometimes…well it tastes like cardboard if you know what I mean!  And living 25 miles away from the closest pizza joint that option was out.  I am sure there is a recipe like this out there somewhere, but hey, it came to me last night that I had a few ingredients already needed for the pizza.


Venison Enchiladas

About once a week I like to try a new recipe and I am so bad about modifying recipes and then NEVER writing down what I did, so this is the first attempt at my modification of a basic enchilada recipe.  My husband and brother had shot 2 deer this past fall and so our freezer is full of deer meat, ground, roasts, steaks, you name it, we have it.  I’ve been craving enchiladas and many recipes use chicken, but I wanted some venison on this cold winter evening in Fargo…uuugggh -30 below wind chills!!



Again…a VERY late post!

Every year my cousins and I get together for our annual Cookie Party Exchange.  We each make a half dozen for each of the other cousins and share the story behind them and why we made our cookies at an event.  We rotate between each cousin’s house and it’s just a very pleasant day!

Belland Cousin's Cookie Party

Belland Cousin’s Cookie Party


A new recipe!!

I was telling Joey not too long ago that I was getting bored with what I was cooking, we usually cook the same things over and over; chilli, tacos, meatloaf, potatoes, veggies, etc.  So, I was on a mission to find something new.  I found a recipe on pinterest which used pork roast in the crock pot until it shreds and had a Mexican flare to it, but I didn’t have any pork roast, but I did have some chicken breasts so I used the recipe as a base, but modified it to what I wanted!

Pickles, garlic and dill, OH MY!

I am a pickle snob.  Growing up, I only ate my mom’s pickles and although as I am older I will occasionally eat the Gydney pickles, I still prefer my mom’s over anything else.  Now, also, I only like the baby dill size.  I don’t like those ginormous ones…uuugh ick!  I also don’t like sweet or bread and butter pickles; however, my husband does.


Bridal Shower

Weeks of planning and staying up until the wee hours of the night on my birthday, but the bridal shower turned out beautifully!  I am so super excited to share these photos of the party.  Although there were 25 who responded with a yes, but only 15 showed up, it was still a great time.  On a side note rant…if you say you are going to be somewhere, you should be there.  Anyways, the groom-to-be joined in on the fun unexpectedly as well as participated in the events which made it all that much more fun.  My husband was the official photographer, so bare with him!!


Beans, Beans, and Peas!

Oh wow!!  Our first harvest from the garden came in this weekend amid many other things we are doing.  We got my sister-in-law moved into her house so now we share backyards!  I got quite a bit of my housework I wanted to complete before the big party this upcoming weekend, the sister-in-laws bridal shower  and even managed to get in about 20 hours of work…ugh..how do I do it!

In any case, we had a LARGE bowl of beans/peas and there would be no way we could get to it them all within a reasonable amount of time, so we decided to blanch and freeze them.



What a busy weekend!!  My folks came up on Wednesday night, spent the entire day at the demolition derby in Sanborn on the 4th followed up with some awesome fireworks, hosted a family bbq at my place on Friday, said “Adios” to the family on Saturday morning and made strawberry jam on Sunday.  Whew!!  Just thinking of all that work makes me exhausted, I need a vacation from my vacation.


Rhubarb…a new love!

Wow, it has been a “few” weeks since I have rambled about my musings.  It seems like it went from winter to summer all in about a day so have been anxiously running around outside completing multiple tasks and although I haven’t done much crafting, my yard its look FABULOUS!!  The longer we live here, the more I am in love with my house.


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