Hexagonal Summer Table Topper

Where has summer gone?  I feel like we just started summer and am all of a sudden realizing that school starts in just 20 days and I have SO much planning to do!  I haven’t been able to get in very many sewing projects; however, I have some cute things planned for after when school starts for Halloween for my itty bitty niece!

On the 4th of July, it was pretty low-key around my house.  My husband his brothers attended a demolition derby and I had requested to stay home as we were planning for a BBQ and I was frantically prepping for said BBQ.  I did have a couple hours of spare time while things were cooking and decided to try my hand at a hexagonal table topper pattern that I have seen all over Pinterest.  In the late winter I had found a wonderful fun fabric from Moda, purchased at my local quilting store, they were pre-cuts 2 1/2″ strips.  I made my friends birthday gift with some of the strips, a couple hot pads and then a super cute matching tea towel set that I decorated a bit using the same fabric.

This project came together REALLY quickly and it was fun!  I actually had time to make two of them.  The first one I used 6 strips sewn together and the second one I used 4 strips sewn together, giving me a matching set.


The large one is currently sitting as a base for a couple of my herbs in my three-season porch.


I had enough backing fabric to use the same for binding and backing on the larger and smaller one (I had gotten 1/2 yard, which worked great!)


On the larger one I quilted following in the ditches of each of the separated colors; however, I didn’t really like how it turned out.  So, on the smaller one I quilted about 1/4″ on either side of each triangle and I really liked this much better!

The smaller one I use as a base for my mother-in-laws funeral plant (corn plant) that I have successfully kept alive for 3 years and it’s going strong!!


I’d like to get some Halloween or Christmas strips and do something similar for Christmas gifts since they really did come together so quickly and was relaxing to do for a little me time!


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