Niece’s 1st Birthday Dress…

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love being an auntie!  Joey and I do not plan on having children of our own and my siblings aren’t married, nor do they have children.  On Joey’s side, his sister, had a baby, Allison.  And she is the cutest little thing I have ever met.  Thankfully she lives in the house next to ours so we are blessed to see her quite often.  I asked my sister-in-law if it would be okay if I made her birthday dress and I can’t even get enough of it!

I used this tutorial here.  I found the fabric at JoAnn’s during their after-Thanksgiving day sale and since I only purchased a half-yard of each, I actually paid less than $5 for all the fabric.  Then, since you don’t actually need the full half-yard, I have quite a bit left over.

Allie is tall, but tiny so I didn’t get to use the measurements indicated in the tutorial.  Rather, I used fabric which was 38 inches long since her waist is only 19 inches circumference.   Which means I also added on an inch to each of my layers for a little extra length so it would hit at her knees.  I had the bottom layer of 11 inches by 38 inches, middle layer as 9 inches by 38 inches and the top as 7 inches by 38 inches.


Life was great putting the layers together similarly adding the elastic waist was easy.  Before wrapping up about a week before her party I double checked to make sure the elastic would be tight enough or too tight before finishing.  Goodness knows she grows like a weed.  The hardest part was stitching up the side to enclose the elastic.  I wasn’t able to use my sewing machine and had to finish by hand.  She’ll grow out of the dress soon enough so I know she won’t be able to ruin it.  But it wasn’t very clear in the directions how to close it up, so I did the best I could.


I then decided she needed a top, so I went to Carter’s and found a white onsie in her 12 month old size and appliqued a large “1” with the pink fabric from her dress.  This was the most expensive piece of her outfit, you can’t just buy one onsie, you have to buy a pack.  Thankfully they were 75% off and she got an extra 3 that her mom and dad can use as they see fit.  I used a word document and found a fun font for the number 1 and printed it out largely, centered on the onsie and used clear thread to applique.


All together the outfit looks adorable!


Today we celebrated her first birthday, even though it’s not until the 9th.  But oh, isn’t she just so precious?!


Of course we needed a selfie with her favorite auntie!  Luckily, I’m her only auntie on this side of the family so she’s stuck, for now…until one of the other 3 uncles get married, of course 🙂



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