Cute Little Table Runner…

It has been cold here in North Dakota…I’m talking bitterly cold here lately!  Highs in the -6 or -7 degree area…oh the thought is just bone chilling!!  What else is there to do when you are stuck in the house?  Sew of course!  I’ve been sitting on a pattern I had found in Devil’s Lake Quilt Shop.

I was super excited about the pattern, because to make a small table runner which ended up being about 10.5″ by 23″ when completed, only needed 3 fat quarters.  For some reason I had this super cute dog fabric and thought it would be something I could easily put together on a couple of afternoons while stuck inside.

I found my fabric bundle at JoAnn’s fabric bundle area and couldn’t pass up the 5 fat quarter bundle!  I chose the 3 patterns I liked the most and started cutting my strips and then into triangles.  I don’t have a fancy triangle cutting mat, but I’m think I should really invest in one, perhaps my corners would line up better??  Any ideas?


After seeing it put together all the way, I also think I shouldn’t have used the middle fabric as I had, but rather chosen the other cute doggy fabric which just had random dogs placed every which way, it may have looked better than some of the dogs’ heads cut off in the middle…hehe!!


I had enough fabric to fully cover the back with one of the leftover fabrics from my paw print fat quarter and with the other fat quarter had more than enough to bind my project together.  I am so in love with my invisible thread!  It certainly hides many imperfections, because goodness knows I am not perfect at this!


Overall I am super pleased with my project and have some room to grow in this field.  The project took me roughly 4 hours from start to finish, accomplished in two different afternoons.  I look forward to trying this same pattern out again with some different fat quarters, perhaps for the Valentine’s or Easter!


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