A little gift…

I have an odd situation for my job.  My “home” campus is 4 hours directly north and I am located at a different college.  It’s crazy how one gets used to phone and email for communication and not actually walking down to ones office for questions.  I have incredible students and I wouldn’t change my “situation” for anything in the world.  But there is someone very special at the “home” campus who continuously answers any and all crazy questions I can come up with.  I wanted to do something special for her.  I also realized I had ordered 5 hand-sanitizers from Bath and Body Works…apparently I wanted to REALLY get prepared for cold/flu season on campus, haha!

Cruising through Pinterest, I found this tutorial and thought, “YES, this is what I am going to make April!”  I have a TON of random fabric, so I knew I could find some combo for the tiny pieces these needed to create.  It took about 15 minutes from first cut to placing the hand-sanitizer, chapstick and pocket tissue inside.


I was so thrilled about these that I made enough to use ALL of my mini hand-sanitizers.  I’ll need to get more chapstick, but other than that, these are so cute!


I made 2 dog themed ones, 2 Christmas themed ones and 1 teacher themed one (the one for April).


The teacher themed one above along with a bag of chocolates should say “THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME!”  I hope anyways!

I plan on selling the other 4 for $8 at my next vendor event for Yuppy Puppy City Kitty in November with ALL proceeds going to Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals.  I am so hoping that they will sell so I can give a little extra to SVFA this season!  What do you think??!!


I am waiting for some zippers to arrive and going to use up the last of my dog-themed fabric to make some small zipper pouches to also sell for proceeds going to SVFA as well.  If in the end, they don’t sell they sure will be cute stocking stuffers!


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