This past summer one of the neighbors was having an estate auction and moving.  Of course my husband was super interested in going.  We specifically found a large metal bucket that was full of brand new canning jars, we wanted it.

Joey bid as he does and we got it!  I got the item home and placed the really awesome looking large metal antique-y like bucket out in my rocks to match my milk cans.  It looks pretty cool.

Further while digging in the bucket I came across an old metal crate of sorts with wooden handles.  Well…one of the handles was missing the wooden handle.  It was super dirty and full of cobwebs and what not.  I sat outside and scrubbed it up.  Not know what to do with it.  I decided to try my luck at a basic re-purpose project.


I took a hammer to the other handle and got rid of it.  Joey was kind enough to straighten the handles out so they were more straight.  I roughed up the edges while cleaning the rust and excess blah off with steel wool.  Headed to Michaels and found a chalk-finish teal paint and went to spray painting the metal crate in the yard.  Ooops…I made a huge teal spot on my freshly mowed lawn…oh well…


I wrapped the handles in twine and used hot glue to keep them together and tight.  This was a little more difficult than I had anticipated.


I didn’t know how to fill the basket itself as it is an oddly shaped basket; however, Menards has EVERYTHING and found two smaller baskets to put inside the larger one.  I just love this project!  It will be going to my sister for Christmas this year and can’t wait to see what she thinks, she loves this kind of thing.  Not quite sure what she will use it for, but I know she will appreciate it all the same!


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