First Quilt!

My best-friend since elementary school had a birthday coming up in February…the 20th to be exact.  When you’re friends this long it starts to become difficult to find the perfect gift and I personally much prefer homemade gifts.

I decided to give my very first quilt a try.  I decided on a lap quilt with triangles.  Started with about 12 fat quarters and learned how to make 60-60-60 triangles using my cutting mat.  This part cutting all the triangles took about 2 hours or so. I found all the fabric at the Quilted Ceiling in Valley City.  I believe it was a Moda brand.

Zeus helped me lay out the triangles in no particular pattern.  I think he approved.  I ended up going 13 triangles across.

Sewing them alternating for each row didn’t actually take too long.  It was a tedious process to sew a it, press the seam and sew another.  It took me quite a few nights to do these.  Roughly about 3-4 hours.  I used a 1/4″ seam allowance, but somewhere I must have done something wrong as when I started putting my rows together some triangles didn’t line up correctly.

When I got all my rows together I squared up the quilts high made a nice rectangle.  I used a low height batting and went back to the Quilted Ceiling for backing pattern.  Sticking with the same design I chose a grey color.  I used my kitchen table to a layer, cut and pin.

I decided to stick with straight line quilting.  Using a 1/4″ I quilted around each triangle.  This seemed to work well until some places would bunch up.  After washing and completed you really can’t tell that much.  Quilting took me about 3-4 hours from layering to finishing.

Many corners looked nice as this, the majority any ways.  Some…a little messy, but hey it’s my first shot at this.

I used the same backing as my binding fabric which turned out nicely as well. This was also my first time using handmade binding and it worked WAY better than store bought!  I used this super helpful tutorial to guide me through Tutorial From cutting strips and making my own binding to actually binding took me nearly all day yesterday, about 5-6 hours.

Overall I’m super pleased  project!  I know as I continue to do more and hone in on my skill I will get better and more “clean” at it.  I know without a doubt, Jen will LOVE IT!!

I like the colors, remind me of a cool summer evening. I can imagine Jen drinking a glass of wine and a good book while wrapped in this quilt.

I may try another quilt very soon, although, I think I’ll stick to something not so complicated.  I’ve seen some incredible intricate quilts, but my preference is block type quilts such as these.  


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