Baby Shower

During the 4th of July last year my sister in law announced her baby news!  My mother quickly volunteered for me to throw the baby shower.  Now I had given Samantha a bridal shower and felt confident to complete a baby shower for her; however it quickly got out of control.

We picked the weekend before Thanksgiving for the shower so we had plenty of time.  We toured around with a few venues before setting on the President’s House at Valley City State University.  This place was EXTRAORDINARY!  The pictures on the website did not even give this place justice!  President’s House Link click the link to see more of this beautiful place!

We sent out 150 invitations….brace yourself that was so many to do, but from a small town you invite one you must invite all so no one feels left out.

We decided on a jungle theme for our new baby girl niece.

I spent hours planning this party with lots of thought and love!

We held a diaper raffle station:

And here is part of the stack…

We had the “Don’t Say Baby” game with clothes pins…

Guests were requested to sign the guest book children’s books…

Go ahead give the baby food a try and give it your best guess!

We had the “Price is Right” game… Baby stuff is SO expensive!!

We had a spot of dedication for her mom, since she is no longer with us physically, but always with us in spirit…

Guess how wide this tiny little all baby momma is!

To eat we had a baked potato bar with all the fixing and punch, super easy to pull together when you end up feeding nearly 100 people!!  All by myself that is …so thankful my husband stuck around to help me!!

Followed up with yummy cake!

What I ensued most about the games that we played was they were all self-regulated.  Guests could play at their leisure and not be forced to play if they did not want to.  Each station had directions that were easy to follow.  I found some simple prizes allow sale, but were all enjoyed.

 We ended the afternoon with presents!

Beautiful diaper cake made by Samantha’s mother in law!


Baby Allison Jo has arrived!

I’m an AUNTIE!!  
  Uncle Joey adores her to pieces!!


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