Christmas in May!

Back during my winter break I started cross-stitching a stocking.  As a little girl growing up we would always spend the weekend before Christmas at my Grandma B.’s house.  For each grandchild she always had hung a cross-stitched stocking.  She had quickly run out of space above the fireplace as the number of grandchildren had grew, but they each are unique.  I wanted to start that tradition at our house.  Even though we aren’t planning on having children, doesn’t mean we can’t have traditions of our own.

I found the pattern from Amazon, but the manufacturer is Dimensions.  The link is HERE.  The pattern was a stamped pattern and in the past I haven’t had very good luck with stamped stitching outside of baby blankets.  I don’t think I would do this style again.  I started with my husband and am on the lookout for more one for myself.


I really liked the vibrant colors!  Even have a huge love of snowmen đŸ™‚ 

The pattern used all half stitches and I learned a new stitch I hadn’t done before, the Continental/Backweave stitch. This stitch is used to cover large areas and to also help cover the backside such that the light or white part doesn’t come through.  It was a fairly easy stitch to complete once I figured it out.  As a side note this particular kit had LOTS of thread leftover.  I never know what to do with my leftover thread, what do you do?


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