Tortilla Pizza!

So I was really craving pizza, like BAD, and we only had frozen pizza in our freezer and sometimes…well it tastes like cardboard if you know what I mean!  And living 25 miles away from the closest pizza joint that option was out.  I am sure there is a recipe like this out there somewhere, but hey, it came to me last night that I had a few ingredients already needed for the pizza.




  • Small homemade jar of pizza sauce, used about 4 tablespoons from it
  • About a 1/4 cup shredded cheese, your choice of flavor, I used what was in my refridgerator
  • 1 tortilla, these were left over from my venison enchiladas last week, they are 8 inch round tortilla
  • pepperoni, used about 10 of them to cover

I preheated my oven to 350 degrees.  Using a cookie sheet I placed a tortilla on top.  Covered the tortilla with my homemade pizza sauce (yummy homegrown tomatoes!).  Topped with pepperoni and cheese.  I wish I would have had other things in my fridge like onions or green peppers, but hey it worked 🙂

Before oven

Before oven

I baked for about 15 minutes or so until the cheese was bubbly and started turning brown.



I cut into 4 pieces and ate!  It was a little flat, but at least it didn’t taste like cardboard and it was relatively pretty cheap on calories.   I am thinking next time to actually use a pita bread or something more substantial.  The calorie count was 320, which overall isn’t all the bad. In a pinch it worked.


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