Christmas for a friend…

Christmas really sucked this year.  It wasn’t how I envisioned Christmas.  I really LOVE Christmas, but this year, this year has such sad undertones, I didn’t even put my tree up or any decorations for that matter.  It didn’t even feel like Christmas.  I watched the movies on Hallmark, played Christmas music and even wore an ugly sweater, but just couldn’t get in the Christmas spirit.  This year was to be when my family would be at MY house, but when grandma is placed in assisted living and we are her only family left, plans change.  When my husband’s mother spent Thanksgiving in the hospital and then later before Christmas announced she won’t be continuing her chemo treatment, plans change.  In my fit of selfishness, I volunteered to work at Holiday on Christmas day, because why not?  Christmas is going to suck anyways… We ended up having Christmas Even with my husband’s side of the family barely showing up, just long enough to get a quick photo and then everyone dispersed.  No special dinner, no exchanging of gifts, just hanging out…because as Joey’s dad said “Christmas is cancelled, why are you here?”

Christmas Day, I worked my regular weekend schedule of 5A – 2P.  Upon arrival at home, we packed up and headed for the Twin Cities to be with my family.  We stopped at a gas station for a sandwich because nothing else is open and this was our Christmas dinner.  By the time we got to my folks’ place they were already finished with dinner and we were asked if we wanted “left overs.” “No, we had a Holiday Pantry sandwich on our way down.”  We replied.  We muddled through the weekend trying to “relax” when all we could think about was my mother-in-law, so we headed home on Sunday.

I arrived home to a text from my friend saying that she had gotten me a little something special. My heart warmed and I smiled….but wait, I hadn’t gotten her anything?!  Since pillows are my specialty that’s what I did.

I had a set of Christmas style charm packs that I got at the local quilting shop and also a couple of Christmas designed fat quarters.  I did a triangle pattern for the front with my charm packs, because I thought it would be boring to simply stitch together squares.



For the back I did an envelope style so she could take the pillow case on and off to wash as needed.



When I have been completing these pillows, I have also been using a backing on the inside of my front fabric to hide all the stitches and protect them.



She LOVED her pillow!!  She was so thrilled that I had taken the time from my highly busy life to make something so special for her.  I enjoyed this project tremendously and even learned a few things this time around such as reinforcing your stitches in the back with a zigzag stitch or something so that my triangle are reinforced after I cut the extra fabric off.


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