Health and Happiness…

Although I am technically on summer vacation, my FIRST summer OFF, EVER, even though I’m still working my other 3 jobs, my full time one is on hold until August 18th!!

With that, I thought I would be getting a TON more crafting done, but that has yet to happen.  In between mowing what seems like every other day due to rain and the rapidly growing grass, I’ve been focusing on other yard projects, like moving rocks.  While doing so I’ve been able to spend a lot of time thinking about ME!

Working on oneself is harder than I thought it would be.  Putting ME first, was never a strong suit.  As a teacher, you tend to put everyone else before you…with that, my first year of teaching full time was glorious and even more than I ever dreamed of!

However…the walk from my office across campus to my classroom was anything but glorious.  I was huffing and puffing by the time I got there…my highest weight I have ever been 240, a sick number that puts tears to my eyes.  I had a candid conversation with my Marine brother about his concern over my weight.  Does anyone know what it’s like to live in a body that is overweight?!! I mean, really, I see myself everyday and I HATE it.  I was to the point where I didn’t even think my husband found me attractive and why didn’t anyone tell my me fat was hanging over my wedding dress!??!

In February I got up the courage to join Curves!  I walked in, signed up, handed over my credit card and was pretty proud of myself.  Then, the next day I was to start my first workout, but before that I had to be weighed and measured….when I walked in, non other than a previous student was to weigh and measure me….HUMILIATING!!  After taking a few deep breaths and literally talking myself OUT of walking out and never returning, I looked at Jen and said “I taught you math, now you teach me how to be healthy.”  Every day I go in there and she is working she works out with me and pushes me harder than I think is possible.

The weight started coming off!  Can you believe it?!  All my hard work was paying off, my clothes are fitting looser and my self-esteem slightly rising.  I just completed my 4 month weigh in and am down 17.5 pounds!!  Not quite my 20 pound goal, but HEY I WILL GET THERE!!

Along my journey I ran into an old friend, Brittany, who introduced me to ItWorks and I knew I had to be IN!!

I signed up as a distributor and have one month officially under my belt.  This past month has been one of the most rewarding months, ever!  I know this is just the beginning for me and am so blessed by all that ItWorks has offered to me for both my health and happiness…it really does appeal to the teacher in me!!  I have successfully been helping 6 others get THEIR SEXY BACK, because frankly NO ONE should EVER have to have low self-esteem, because of the way their outsides look!!!

ItWorks is MORE than just wraps, they host a TON of NATURAL nutrition, weight-loss, anti-stress, etc type of products to help with WHOLE BODY health!  Not only that, but AFFORDABLE and with the Loyal Customer program, makes it easy to get these products IN YOUR HANDS!

This company has truly been an inspiration to me to continue on my path to get healthy and to rally OTHERS to join my team and get healthy with me.  Getting healthy with others is so much easier than going at it alone!

I’ll be running a new giveaway on my Facebook page, please like!!

Interested in learning out more about the products and how you can get YOUR sexy back, host an online party from YOUR couch for FREE  🙂

If interested in any of the above or hosting an online party for FREE, I want to know, I WANT TO HELP YOU!!

I am getting my sexy back, because my sister wants to go on a cruise and I want to wear a bathing suit and feel comfortable with myself!!



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