Wall Art!

Our bedroom is finally starting to feel more and more like my own bedroom, completed the way I WANT.  Last summer I dried a bunch of my flowers from my gardens and just so happen to have a book that was half eaten, thanks to my anxious dog, Zeus!

I didn’t want to throw the book away so I of course used Pinterest to find some ideas.  I didn’t find anything that really struck my eye that I could easily replicate.

I went to Michaels to get 4 pieces of 8 x 10 canvas.  I gathered my mod podge and scissors and decided I was going to cute the pages out and let them fall where they may and mod podge them to the canvas, then mod podge the flowers on top of the dried pages.  Well, it was an epic fail as the pages started getting all wrinkly and wouldn’t stick to the canvas.  I scrapped the project.

While at another trip to Michaels I found some great wooden pieces.  Unfinished, I first stained them to the match the stain we chose for the bedroom.  Then cut more pages to fit and let them fall as they may on the wood.  Mod podged them, then mod podged the flowers on top.  To hang on the wall I secured raffia to the back and used clear command strips.  They turned out even more cute than I imagined they would.

On the wall!

On the wall!

I purposely decided to have them hang slightly lower then the one to the left, not sure why I did that, but it looks good!  I try to step out of my very geometric world by doing this. 🙂

Up close

Up close







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