Retaining Wall

Spring has finally arrived, I think, until it snowed again in northwest North Dakota and prayed it didn’t reach the Fargo area.

The very first BEAUTIFUL weekend happened last weekend and we were on a mission to build a retaining wall in our backyard.



In one corner of the yard, the area above used to have lilac bushes and other types of bushes that we removed so that we could put the fence up.  We hadn’t yet planted grass seed so we decided that this would be a great location to have a retaining wall with a garden.

So Friday, we went to Menards and picked up 100 blocks.  They were 19 pounds a piece!!  Saturday morning, Joey helped me string off the area we wanted to put the brick and started digging down to lay the first layer.  This was the hardest part, but Joey was able to cut through the little bit of sod and we were able to start laying them.  Once the first layer was down, which took a few hours the rest was easy to put together until we realized we didn’t get enough bricks.  Back to Menards we go!

Rough fitting

Rough fitting

We went with a rough fitting of the remaining blocks so we could determine how many more we needed, 60 to be exact!  While there we estimated we needed 60 bags of dirt to fill in the lower areas of the garden.

Those bags weren’t enough so we recruited my brother in law to help us get more bags of dirt, 70 this time…we would keep some to be used in our veggie garden which needed a little boost.  At this time Joey also picked up a small tiller so I wouldn’t have to hoe by hand!!  Thank goodness!

2nd Round of Dirt

2nd Round of Dirt

Adding More!

Adding more!

Once all the dirt was laid and the guys got the tiller put together it was time to test it out!

Tyler wanted to go first!

Looking good!

Looking good!

Almost done!

Almost done!

Finished product!  Currently this will the location we have our pumpkins, rhubarb and Joey wants to try some horseradish.  I am also planning on planting around the curved edge a perennial or two.   Still up for debate, once we see it this summer we plan on adding more to it next year.  Now to keep the dogs OUT of it!




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