Easter Skirt

WOW!!  Where has time gone?!  Even though my classes are much smaller this spring, I feel like I have been going non-stop.  After our bedroom remodel, we’ve just been jammed packed with family events and other winter nonsense.

I was on a mission to dust off my sewing machine and get back to it, my mission, to make an Easter Skirt.  My inspiration, Pi, for Pi day of course which was March 14th.  As a math teacher, I decided a circle skirt would be my mission!

I followed this circle skirt tutorial, but after drawing the 1/4 circle, by taping a bunch of paper together, I decided to sew in 8 pieces so I simply folded the 1/4 circle patter in half to make 1/8 pattern.  My reasoning for this was that I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to use two different kinds of patterns or what I was planning to do, but then also decided it would have been easier to purchase fabric?  I don’t know, but I did.




Then, after deciding my fabric, I wanted to cut off about 4 inches from the length of my skirt so I would have a panel across the bottom of my skirt for the two patterns I chose.

Pattern 2

Pattern 2

The bottom of the skirt is Moda Sphere Words Grey and the top of the skirt pattern is Moda Sphere Milky Way Blue which I purchased at my local quilting shop.

I bought a zipper and elastic as I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to do my waist at this point.

I cut all the fabric pieces which sometimes I feel takes the most time.  I started lining them up and stitching together and it was turning out amazing!

Then, I tried on my skirt and WAY TO BIG!!  This is a problem!  Why?  Well since the end of February I made a life decision to join Curves and have since lost 11.5 pounds and 7 inches….I measured my skirt BEFORE I made these choices!!

I decided to go with the elastic waist, because of this.

I paired with a black sweater and black flats, the hem lays about mid-calf length and it was great to wear for beautiful Easter weekend!



Skirt 2

Skirt 2

Waist Band

Waist Band

Wish I would have gotten a photo of me in the skirt, but hopefully you get the idea.  I am going to try this skirt again, but with a retro kind of pattern for Back to the 50’s Weekend.



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