Although the bedroom is quickly wrapping up…just a little more to do.  I wanted to share the curtains I had made.

The color to the bedroom didn’t turn out exactly as I was hoping…I’m slightly disappointed by it, but if all else fails, I can paint over it in a couple years anyways.  I am slightly kicking myself, I think I should have went with a more neutral color.

But none-the-less it’s clearly better than the grey that was there before it.

I struggled with how to make the curtains.  Do I put a backing on them or not?  Do I do a double layer?  If so, what color?  Do I want long curtains or short curtains?  What kind of pattern do I want?  Which then enticed me to procrastinate in making them.  Once I determined the fabric, I chose my paint to correspond with said fabric.  I loved the flowery-ness of the fabric and how nicely it worked with the color.

I then decided to make the curtain above our bed with a backing, which I had hoped would help in the winter to keep heat in and cool air at bay.  When I buy sheet sets for our bed, I never use the top layer sheet, we only use the fitted sheets.  Joey doesn’t like getting all tangled in them.  So I have all these extra sheets and had a pretty pink color which matched the fabric perfectly.  I decided to go for the backing option with this color.

Curtain above Bed

Curtain above Bed

It’s kind of pretty the way the pink slightly shines through.  But I wasn’t very excited about it.  And then not only that, but discovered I didn’t order enough fabric!  EEEEEK!!  I had ordered my fabric from many months ago.  I know how quickly fabric goes through that place and when I went back to try and order…not there! It took me awhile but I ended up finding some fabric from a small store on the east coast, bless their hearts!

My fabric came and now it was time to make the curtain for the large window.  Using the same type of measurements I did for the window above our bed, resulted in the picture window for the side wall.  I kinda like the fabric with no backing, but what is done is done.

Picture Window

Picture Window

Side View

Side View

I really do like how the top had turned out with the ruffles.



I’ve also finally figured out how to make the width of the fabric long enough to stretch all the way across and look loose, but not too loose and not pulled too tight.  The width has to be between 1 1/2 to twice the width of the original opening.  This curtain here I did 1 1/2 the width.  The curtain behind my bed I did twice.  Twice seemed a little too much, but 1 1/2 seemed perfect for this window.

I purchased the rods at Walmart and they have some pretty flowers on the ends and are in a dark bronze color.



A finished window that is beautiful!  Excuse the mess in our 3 season porch as its freaking freezing out and too cold to finish cleaning up the mess from the remodel project, just yet.  Spring can’t come soon enough.

There are a few other finishing touches I am working on in bedroom and will post as I finish those projects.



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