Been too long!

Wow!  My first semester as a full time teacher has been completed for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I am still in a whirlwind.  Christmas came and went, New Years has came and went and as I begin a new year, I have great ambitions to complete MORE DIY projects of all kinds of grander.  My brain has been on over drive thinking of all the possibilities.  Along with great ideas coming also come a huge life changing decision I am going to have to make…that will come later!

To start, I had a goal in 2013 to create all homemade gifts for Christmas…well…that didn’t quite happen, as only 1 gift was homemade as that is all I had time to complete.

My husband’s grandmother whom during our 10 years of togetherness, I have only spent time with ooooh about 3 times??  She has moved up to North Dakota from Missouri and I couldn’t exactly show up to Christmas at my in-laws house and not have a gift for her.  What do you get someone who has had everything in their life?  Took me awhile to think about it and decided I was going to make her a pillow.

I started with some charm squares and laid them in a fun pattern.  These are leftover charm squares from my sisters pillow.  I sewed them together in rows and then sewed the rows together.  Then, I had some leftover fat quarters, in yellow,

Grandma Pillow

Grandma Pillow

which I had decided to use for the lining and back flaps of the pillow.



Then, because I didn’t think the pillow had enough “FUN” to it, I cute out some flowers and leaves to applique to the outside.   There is so much going on and almost have regrets how much stuff I put together with it, but it’s still fun none-the-less.  Also, I sewed on some buttons to the insides of the flowers.



Grandma Liz, LOVED IT!  I guess it’s worth it in the end!

This past weekend we have continued our bedroom remodel…lots of pictures to follow for that…however still plenty to complete!


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