Word Wall

I do many word walls in my math classroom; however, while spending more hours on Pinterest I found a different kind of word wall almost using a scrabble kind of way.  I went to Michaels, with my husband, which is a mistake.  He is always in such a hurry.  Does anyone else have this problem?!!

We had some 2 by 4’s left over from our new window project with the bedroom remodel (more on that much later) so I had asked if he could cut me up some pieces of 2 by 4s into smaller pieces so I could do an art project.  Well we all know that would be too much work for him, and Lord knows I should not operate tools, who knows what would happen!?

Word Wall

Word Wall

Anyways! Michaels had these pre-cut pieces of wood that were about 4″ by 4″ and really pretty thin.  PERFECT!!  Then I found wood letters which were smaller, but within proportion of the wood.  I headed for the scrapbook paper isle, unsure how I wanted to use, I just wanted some for the project just in case.  I found some super cute print that had traditional wedding vows handwritten, oh it was so pretty.  Then, I found some craft paint in a walnut color.

I got home, unpacked everything and went to work.  Using sponge brushes, I painted the square blocks and the letters brown.  They both needed at least two coats.  Afterwards I realized it probably would have been easier to get spray paint instead.  Lesson learned!  Once all was dry, I decided I really wanted to use the scrapbook paper,  I cut out smaller pieces in a square to put in the middle of each wood square then would paste the letters in the middle of the scrapbook paper just to make the letters pop.



Arranging the letters just so that we could get everything to fit, was a little more challenging, but it turned out so lovely.  I put the entire piece on the wall behind our dinning room table



To get the blocks to stick to the wall I used  Command double sided poster sticker things.  They are semi working, I have come home a couple of times and the same letter always falls off the wall.  I might need to find something stronger.

Finally, to make the project complete, I added one of our engagement pictures kind of in the middle. I just love this!  Thanks for the idea Pinterest!!



By the way…its not really crooked, I can’t take straight pictures I guess.  It looks so much better up close.


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