Shared Birthday Pillows!!

My sister is so lucky she shares the same birthday as my mom!  Weird, I know!  My mom always tells the story of how she was at dinner celebrating her birthday at Market BBQ and BAM here comes my sister and she says “I don’t want this baby born on my birthday!”  But here came my little sister anyways.  We are only 13 months apart, but we are complete opposites in every way possible, but I love her!  This year I wanted to make something special for her.  She has a unique taste, full of color and chickens….She has these four pet chickens so my inspiration came from them and her entire house is painted in bright colors so I chose bright colors to match her living room.  I made her a fashion pillow she could put on her couch.

I had googled “Free Chicken Applique” and under the images came this super cute pattern, far be it now I can’t find the link to share, but it was super easy and not too many details as I was appliqueing manually.  I do not have a special applique machine or anything so it can sometimes look a little more messy, but I think it adds character.

Chicken Pillow

Chicken Pillow

I also wanted it too look more like patchwork.  I went to my local quilting shop and purchased a couple different charm pack squares.  Then I found some matchingish fat quarter pieces to go with the chicken.  OMG, I can’t even take how cute this chicken is!



Just like with the pillow I made for Jennie, I also lined the inside of this pillow. I think by lining the inside helps cover up and protect the stitching as well as makes the project look more finished.   I also had some fun extra fabric leftover from this project to make the back flaps.

Pillow Back

Pillow Back

For my mom’s pillow, my inspiration was her beautiful gardens.  She claims she is at the age now where she has everything and doesn’t need anything, boring!  I HATE giving gift cards and realistically she isn’t that old at all!  I made her a pillow using the same free applique website, but used the flower patterns instead.

Mom's Pillow

Mom’s Pillow

I also wanted to go for the I patchwork look and I think it turned out great.  I used another charm pack and fat quarters from the local quilt shop and used an almost solid print for the back of the pillow so that the flowers would stand out more.  I think it turned out just wonderful!






My mom and sister were so super excited about these pillows and just adored them.  I am so glad I made the choice to have fun and NOT do boring gift cards.

I really really feel behind the eight ball.  Winter is soooo close, its already October!  My garden is coming to an end, that will be taken care of this weekend.  My flowers have seen better days, but will need to be disposed of.  The leaves are changing beautifully and falling subsequently off the trees.  Fall is here and here it is to stay.  More projects are in the works and once I find time to finish, they will be shared!


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