As I get older, I have quickly realized how time can get away from you.  While peeling potatoes last night, pretty sure I had a breakdown of tears realizing how much needs to get done and how much is CHANGING during these upcoming weeks.  Here is kind of a breakdown of the next two weeks of my life…which once complete will hopefully calm down a bit…and for my sanity to see it all in one location outside of my brain!!

Monday (12th): City office 7:30 – 11:30, Teach 12:30-4:30, dinner….didn’t sit down until nearly 8 last night.

Tuesday (13th): City office 7:30 – 1:30, Lunch, 2:30 – dinner canning pickles from the garden, there are tons!, finish laundry and start project for mom and Ashley for their birthday.

Wednesday (14th): Drop Joey off at work by 7:30, City office 8:00 – 1:00, pack for Bottineau, leave for Bottineau at 5.

Thursday (15th): In Bottineau for new instructor orientation!  This is the culmination of 6 years of education obtaining my undergrad and Master’s degree, to finally teach full time!!

Friday (16th): Observe the International Peace Gardens and some other sites on our way back from Bottineau.

Saturday (17th): Garden and outside activities planned for the yard, removal of some bushes…etc…maybe continue working on mom and Ashley’s birthday presents.

Sunday (18th): Joey’s cousin and family come over at 10:30, nails done in Fargo at noon for upcoming wedding.  Grilling for Joey’s birthday, entertaining all day.

Monday (19th): Leave at 5AM for Bottineau for Welcome Week activities.

Tuesday (20th):  All day in Bottineau for Welcome Week activities, return late Tuesday evening.

Wednesday (21st): All day at VCSU continuing with VCSU Welcome Week activities; Teach 6 – 10:10 in Moorhead, get home by about 11 PM

Thursday (22nd): More Welcome Week all day and then rehearsal dinner in the evening, need to be in Fargo by 6:30

Friday (23rd): Sister in laws wedding, must be in Fargo at the Radisson by 9:00 AM for hair, etc.. wedding at 3 PM

Saturday (24th): Gift opening in the AM and finally a REDHAWKS game at 6:05!!!

Sunday (25th): Sleep all day

Monday (26th): First day of classes!!!

Now, I have gone through a few bottles of wine; however, is there anything you do to help relax and get the most of “You time?!”


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