Pickles, garlic and dill, OH MY!

I am a pickle snob.  Growing up, I only ate my mom’s pickles and although as I am older I will occasionally eat the Gydney pickles, I still prefer my mom’s over anything else.  Now, also, I only like the baby dill size.  I don’t like those ginormous ones…uuugh ick!  I also don’t like sweet or bread and butter pickles; however, my husband does.

After some persuading from my mom I finally obtained her recipe with strict orders to NOT share the recipe.  Hey, I can keep secrets!

A couple of years ago Joey and I made our first batch, and they were DELICIOUS!!  There was just something missing.  I couldn’t figure out quite what it was.  This year we planted some cukes called “Pick-Alots” and they are the perfect tiny size baby dill size pickles, except we would need quite a bit more than 9 plants to make a full batch.  We had enough to make 3 full quart jars.  Which are going to be amazing in 6 weeks!!  But, we like pickles and 3 jars will not last all year long….

While in the Twin Cities this past weekend we went to Waldoch Farms, where my mom gets her pickles and as luck would be on our size we were able to order an entire bushel full!  Waldoch pickles was exactly what we were missing!!! Do you know what a bushel full of pickles looks like?



First we had to wash and scrub all the little pickles to get all the dirt off.

Then we started sorting the pickles based on their size and what size I would actually eat because I am very picky about the size of my pickle.

This is what an entire bushel of pickles all washed up and ready to stuff into jars looks like!!

An entire pile of baby dills, the PERFECT SIZE!!

Baby dills stuffed into quart size jars with dill from our garden and peeled garlic as well as the special secret brine.

After a 10 minute process in the water bath, we have the most perfect pickles ever!  We ended up with 15 quarts of baby dill pickles.

For the rest of the family who enjoy a larger sized pickle we have hear jumbo pickles in a quart sized jars.

These jumbos have the same brine, garlic and dill as the babies.  We ended up with 16 quart sized jars full of jumbos.

Joey enjoys himself some bread and butter/sweet pickles as well as his siblings so we diced up some of the larger pickles to make pint sized jars of these.  We used the Mrs. Wages Bread and Butter pickle recipe for these.  Which is simply adding sugar, distilled vinegar and the packet of spices.  Using two batches of the bread and butter pickle recipe we ended up with 22 pints.

With just a few jumbo sized pickles left and remember we had some jalapenos ready from our garden, Joey cut the remainder up into spears, added sliced jalapenos, dill, garlic and mom’s special brine we now have 4 quarts of spicy spears.

All in all, an entire bushel of pickles yields about 46 quarts of pickles all processed.  I am thinking that this will last us through the entire year.
We started washing the pickles at about 4:00 PM, by the time the last jars were being processed, the floors scrubbed (from the sticky mess of the bread and butter pickles) and the dishes were cleaned, it was nearly 11:00 PM….and Joey thought it would only take about a couple of hours!!  Ha!!  I am a weee bit tired this AM, but glad this is done.


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  1. Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 12:01:19

    Pickles are some of my favorite snacks and I have a bunch of jars straight from the garden in the fridge now. Yum!


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