Bridal Shower

Weeks of planning and staying up until the wee hours of the night on my birthday, but the bridal shower turned out beautifully!  I am so super excited to share these photos of the party.  Although there were 25 who responded with a yes, but only 15 showed up, it was still a great time.  On a side note rant…if you say you are going to be somewhere, you should be there.  Anyways, the groom-to-be joined in on the fun unexpectedly as well as participated in the events which made it all that much more fun.  My husband was the official photographer, so bare with him!!

The food….





Samantha’s wedding colors are a hot pink and camouflage….I know…no comments needed, but I stuck with the pink theme throughout the party.

On the top left you will see some macaroni salad provided by the Mother of the Bride.  Sort of in the middle are honey roasted peanuts.  Although not shown, for the main course Joey had made bbq pulled pork sandwiches.  Which were a huge hit on flavor, which was simply Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.

In the front we have a semi messy Strawberry and Cream Poke Cake.  Click on the name for the location in which I got the recipe.  The frosting was absolutely amazing, the flavor was out of this world!  I used a sugar-free strawberry jello part instead of full sugar jell-o.  The only thing I found difficult about this cake, was that the cake part crumbled a little bit, but the flavor made up for it.



The “cupcakes” on the two-tiered stand are Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes, these were absolutely fantastic!  A large hit, out of 36 made, I only had about 5 leftover.  A perfect creamy blend and chocolate taste.  I think I want to try this same recipe, but using peanut butter cups and mini chocolate chips?? Thoughts??



Mimosas were a must at a bridal shower at 11 AM!  I had purchased 5 bottles of champagne and we only used one…glad there are leftovers for mimosas for later…  For the non-drinkers we made some delicious pink lemonade with cut up lemons.  I found this really cute double stacker container at Menards for only $12.  Not sure when I will use this heavy duty glass containers again, but they certainly were beautiful.

On to the games…

I had played the Mr. Right game at my bridal shower and thought it to be super fun!  I had searched high and low for the perfect Mr. Right story, but came up short.  They all seemed pretty corny to me, so I had combined a few stories and made my own up.  First everyone got a wrapped present.  I found the presents on the dollar isle of Michaels Arts and Crafts store.   I don’t think people really cared they were $1 gifts, but just that they all were able walk away with something, right?



Then, I read the story which contained many LEFT and RIGHTS.  Every time I said left/right, they group, sitting in a circle, had to pass the gift that way.  At the end whatever gift you had in your hand was yours to open.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right

Pass along...

Pass along…

Keep passing...

Keep passing…

Passing the gifts become somewhat difficult during many left, right, lefts, but the flower girl kept up just as quick as the bride-to-be!!

The story…


Samantha was a shy girl who had not LEFT her house for months. She was lonely… and she realized she had reached the RIGHT age to find the RIGHT man. Samantha stood up at that moment and LEFT to check out the Tower View Café.  She knew exactly what she wanted in her Mr. RIGHT… Tall, blonde, and handsome who wouldn’t be afraid to wear a ring on his LEFT hand or make things RIGHT with her brothers. Samantha was on the prowl, and at her first stop, RIGHT before her eyes she saw a man whose good looks LEFT her feeling weak. She maneuvered through the crowd, weaving LEFT, RIGHT, and LEFT again. As she got closer to him, their eyes met and it seemed like love at first sight for them both.

“FIRE!” someone shouted. RIGHT behind them a blaze had broken out in the kitchen, and people began to scramble to the doors. Mr. RIGHT had been within her reach, but they were swept away from each other in the commotion. He shouted his name to her, but all she caught was his last name “WRIGHT”. Once outside, Samantha was LEFT feeling hopeless with only a name to find him, “WRIGHT” she said to herself.

The following days were agonizing, knowing her Mr. WRIGHT was out there but with no good way to find him. She had looked in the phonebook, but there were so many WRIGHTS RIGHT there on the page, she didn’t want to call everyone… what would be the RIGHT thing to say? “I thought I met my Mr. RIGHT at the cafe the other night, but I only got his last name before I was swept RIGHT out the doors because of a fire.” She didn’t want to irritate people for no good reason… she wasn’t even sure if his name really was WRIGHT. It could be Bite, Flight, Knight… she wasn’t positive.

Samantha decided she would just keep looking for Mr. WRIGHT. The following weekend she LEFT her house to search for him. Samantha searched grocery stores, hardware stores, the gym, and many other café’s, but once she LEFT each stop she felt close to tears. There was no sign of Mr. RIGHT anywhere. Samantha LEFT her last stop of the night, and decided to drive to the cafe where she had first seen her Mr. RIGHT.

She parked her car and approached the charred remains of the building. It was a stormy evening and no one in their RIGHT mind would be out alone at this hour, but she wanted to visit this spot one last time before giving up hope of meeting Mr. RIGHT again. After a few minutes, Samantha saw something move to her RIGHT. She knew she should have LEFT sooner. She quickly turned to see what was stirring nearby. Mr. RIGHT was approaching, looking into her eyes and smiling. “I have been waiting RIGHT here every night hoping you might come back… My name is Brad. Brad RIGHT.”

They quickly set up a first date for the next night at Pizza Corner.  Samantha was at work when she noticed the time, and jumped RIGHT up, worried that there wasn’t enough time LEFT to get ready for her date.  She got in her car, LEFT work, and went RIGHT home to get dressed.  Meanwhile, Mr. RIGHT was at home nervously pacing, waiting for the RIGHT time pick Samantha up.  At 7 PM he LEFT his house and drove RIGHT down Main Street, taking a LEFT at University Ave, then a RIGHT by the lonely tree and RIGHT onto Samantha’s road.  He pulled into Samantha’s driveway RIGHT on time.  Having LEFT Samantha’s four brothers with the RIGHT approval, they were happily on their way.

At the sight of Samantha’s gorgeous face, long legs, and RIGHTeously beautiful body, Mr. RIGHT new RIGHT then that she was the RIGHT woman for him.  He was LEFT speechless.  His breath might have even LEFT his body for a moment.  Mr. RIGHT knew he didn’t want to be one of the many many guys Samantha had LEFT in her dust, so he made sure to be extra charming.  He didn’t even take home their LEFTover meal so she wouldn’t think he was cheap.  When they said good night, Mr. RIGHT kissed her in just the RIGHT way, and LEFT her with the RIGHT first impression.

A year later, Mr. RIGHT got down on one knee asking the RIGHT question.  After viewing the sparkling diamond Mr. RIGHT placed on her LEFT hand, how could she say no, which leads us up to RIGHT this very moment.


Memory Game…

My sister had played this game for me at my Bachelorette party and it was so fun I had to play it here for Samantha.  I had a pretty decorative board set up…thanks husband for taking a photo of it…but it had 40 squares covered up.  Under each square were wedding terms like the memory game people had to match up.  If you got a match there was some candy that corresponded with the term.  A few people had some good memories and walked away with a lot of candy…but overall got quite a few laughs!!

Which number do I choose?

Which number do I choose?

Candy equivalencies…

First date = Butterfingers; “they had butterfingers on their first date”

Warm Embraces = Hershey’s Hugs; “the bride and groom will get lots of hugs at their wedding”

Wedding Rings = Payday; “Certainly cost Brade a pretty penny for those diamonds on Samantha’s finger”

Gifts = Mounds; “the bride and groom will receive mounds of gifts”

Bride = Hot Tamales; “Brad certainly thinks Samantha is a hot tamale”

Fiance = SweetTarts; “the bride and groom are sweethearts”

In-Laws = Nerds; “the in-laws, both sides are both nerds”

Flower Girl = Junior Mint; “Nora plays a perfect junior mint as the flower girl”

Reception = 100 Grand; “We all know the Raddison in Downtown Fargo is not cheap!”

Clinking Glasses = Kisses; “Guests will clink their glasses to see the bride and groom kiss”

The Exit = Fast Break; “Guests will make a fast break at the end of the night”

Honeymoon = Skor; “We all know Brad is going to “score” on his honeymoon”  ooooh you should have seen his face get soooo red, it was fantastic!!

Bank Accounts = Zero; “After paying for such an extravagant event, their bank accounts will be zero”

Groomsmen = Mike & Ike

Officiant = Watchamacallit; “Since the bride and groom are just having an ordained minister, a watchamacallit seems appropriate as to how to address the officiant.”

Guests = Good & Plenty; “With close to 300 invites, there will be good and plenty of guests to wish them the best of luck in their future”

Time for presents….



Joey and I got Samantha and Brad a very elegant hand painted chip/dip tray which she didn’t know what it was at first, but ya know…there is room for growing…

The party wrapped up at about 2 and many guests had left to go prepare for mud volleyball for the Shuffle off to Buffalo at 3.  My mother-in-law stayed to help clean up as well as my friend who graciously helped put the party together.  We received many great comments about the food and the set up.

Now, about a month to go before the wedding and before my summer finally slows down…although that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon as my brother is flying in from his Marine base in  California so will be heading to the cities in a couple of weekends.  For now, this girl is DONE hosting parties and am in much need of some crafty fun things.


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