Beans, Beans, and Peas!

Oh wow!!  Our first harvest from the garden came in this weekend amid many other things we are doing.  We got my sister-in-law moved into her house so now we share backyards!  I got quite a bit of my housework I wanted to complete before the big party this upcoming weekend, the sister-in-laws bridal shower  and even managed to get in about 20 hours of work… do I do it!

In any case, we had a LARGE bowl of beans/peas and there would be no way we could get to it them all within a reasonable amount of time, so we decided to blanch and freeze them.

Joey picked then ends up and I washed them up good while we waited for the water to boil on the stove.



This is only about a quarter of what we had, but they certainly look delicious!

Then, off to the boiling water one small batch at a time for 3 minutes.

Once the 3 minutes were up and they turned such a beautiful green color into a ice cold water bath for another 3 minutes.  Apparently the process of blanching keeps all the nutritional value in the vegetable when freezing.

Once done in their ice water bath they were put onto towels to dry.  And I mean really dry.  We had attempted after a bit to start freezer packing them, but it didn’t turn out as the machine wanted to suck all the water out and then wouldn’t seal properly.  So we waited about 2 hours with the veggies on towels for them to dry nice and well.

We packed them in packages enough for 2 servings since there only is 2 of us, which ended up being about a couple of cups in each bag.  We now have 11 packages of beans.

And 2 packages of sugar snap peas!

For a total of 13 meals.  To me, this is HUGE!  It only cost about $2 per package of seeds and we only used 1 package of seeds for both peas and beans.  I mean, one package of these babies in the grocery store frozen isle could easily be around $2 so we have I would say saved about $20 in frozen veggies, thus far!  And it’s only just beginning!!



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