Bird is the word!

There are so many things going on in my life right now, that I just needed a break to catch my breath and take a little me time.

I recently accepted a new job, my dream job.  A full time math teacher here at VCSU, I start on August 19th and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a full time teacher!!  I also took on an adjunct teaching job with Globe University teaching College Algebra on Wednesday nights, which I start on July 17th, I am also ecstatic about this!

We are hosting my parents on the 4th of July, which should be fun and also planning the bridal shower which is slowly shaping into something, what I hope is beautiful!

While rummaging through the thrift store quite a long time ago about 2 months ago, I came across a glass greenish/yellowish candy dish that had a lid.  Raiding my mom’s house, I found a single candlestick holder that was of no purpose to mom, but to me, it was perfect, she said I could have it after I stuck it in my weekend bag.  Haha!!

Candydish/Candlestick holder

Candydish/Candlestick holder

Now, I had to think of a way to glue them all together, knowing perfectly well that super glue wasn’t going to work.  I asked my very knowledgeable dad about what I possibly could do.  He suggested epoxy.  What the heck is epoxy and where do I find said stuff?  Well, as a matter of fact you can find it at Menards by the paint section.  Let me tell you, this stuff was super easy to work with and is pretty much the greatest thing since, I’m not sure what, but it’s awesome!

While my husband was out, I glued to candlestick holder in between the glass candy dish.  Now, before I physically glued, I took some rough sandpaper as my dad suggested and roughed up the areas in which the glue would be going to ensure that the glue would hold properly.



It only took about 5 minutes for the epoxy to really set, but not trusting the directions, I let it sit for quite sometime before moving it.  Then, reinforced with another layer of glue around the edges.  I probably used too much glue since I used the entire tube of epoxy, but this way at least I know it will withstand the elements of North Dakota weather, right?

Now, I searched high and low in the garage for some wire that Joey said he had.  I eventually came across some and wrung some wire around the top handle and attached to a chain which normally would be used for a hanging basket, but only used one piece of it so I could hang it on a tree.

In the Tree

In the Tree

I used a finch food variety.  I haven’t seen any birds yet, but it certainly looks beautiful in my tree!

Finch Food!

Finch Food!

In the tree!

In the tree!

I just love how my yard is turning out this year!  More ideas are swirling around….


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