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So now that things have slowed down…not a whole lot, but just a little, I was going through my phone and found a project I had actually completed!  Who knew?!  During Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to the Twin Cities to help my mom with her garage sale.  She had some cheap picture frames that I snagged right up to complete a project I had saw from The Cottage Mama.  Although, in the tutorial, an antique picture frame was used, I thought, these simple ones will just have to work.  I found some fabric I had laying around from other projects and decided to give it a whirl to help complete my living room decor. 

Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

For my dining room table, I used a simple brown with lighter brown leaves for the fabric.  Using the directions from the tutorial I measured and cut out the fabric to fit exactly the way a picture would sit. 

Then, added the rest of the table together for a complete look.



The centerpiece I think turned out nicely.  I kind of would like to find a bigger picture frame, but for now I think it’s unique.

I also made one for my coffee table using the same type of fabric style, just in a tan color to contrast the table runner itself.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

This picture frame was a little longer and skinnier.  It also has a nice silver metal frame so my dog won’t be tempted to try to eat it since its at his level. 

Also we have been slowly working on getting our deck stained.  It was pretty much awful!



As you can see it is quite the contrast.  I am glad we stuck with the red, it really makes the deck pop out and my flowers shine!  Things are coming together as we get our house ready for the 4th of July celebration we are having as well as the bridal shower I am hosting on the 20th.  Lots to do yet!





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