Rhubarb…a new love!

Wow, it has been a “few” weeks since I have rambled about my musings.  It seems like it went from winter to summer all in about a day so have been anxiously running around outside completing multiple tasks and although I haven’t done much crafting, my yard its look FABULOUS!!  The longer we live here, the more I am in love with my house.

One day…oh about 2 weeks ago, my husband brings home a LARGE bag of rhubarb.  Now I have seen rhubarb in the past; however, have never actually tasted rhubarb, much less cooked with it.  I looked at him blankly and wondered and pondered for many minutes as to what I might do with it.  The next day, he brings me, ANOTHER large bag of it.  Where in the world has he got all this from?  Answer, his boss’ mother has a ton of plants.  I quickly begged him to stop as I was very unsure what to do with it all and didn’t want it to go to waste.  I asked him what he would like me to do and he answered that he would like me to bake a pie…

A pie!!  I unsuccessfully attempted pies before and I always end up having to bake them for many hours resulting in a burnt crust and undone middle.  Terrified, I went straight to pinterest to find some recipes.  I decided I would give the pie a try.  I found a pretty “simple” crust recipe as I have tried the store bought crusts and they never turned out.  The recipe I found was for a flakey buttery crust.  So, that night I went home and prepped the crust.  Everything seemed to have gone just fine until I took the crust dough out of the refrigerator the next morning and my crust fell apart…FAIL!!  Ahaa, I thought, I have the Betty Crocker cookbook, why am I wasting my time on anything else, it has pictures!  This recipe called for shortening, flour, salt and water.  I definitely got it this time!  My crust turned out MAGNIFICENT!!  Oh it was glorious how easy it was!!

As my crust was chilling in the fridge it was now time to cut up the rhubarb.  Thankfully it was already all cleaned up so I cut about 4 cups up into about 1/2″ cubes.

Rhubarb Cubes

Rhubarb Cubes

After this I had to put together the inside guts which included; flour and sugar and a dash of cinnamon.  (I chose to add cinnamon myself for a little extra flavor, I am glad I did).  By this time my dough was chilled.  I rolled it out and placed the bottom piece in the pie plate then sprinkled 1/4 of the sugar mixture on the bottom.  Then, dumped the rhubarb cubes on top.

Rhubarb Cubes

Rhubarb Cubes

Before putting the top layer of the crust on, I sprinkled the remaining sugar mixture on top of the rhubarb cubes.

Sugar Mixture

Sugar Mixture

Finally, I baked for 15 minutes on 450, bottom rack, then moved to middle rack and baked at 350 for about 45 minutes.



My husband was so pleased at what a great job I did, he made me make a second one for his grandfather who absolutely LOVES rhubarb pie.  Thankfully he liked it too!  Lesson learned….use more Betty Crocker, she clearly knows what she is doing!

Since my pies only used up about 10 cups of this rhubarb, I had also made a batch of strawberry/rhubarb bars.  I made them for the hubby to bring to work as a thank you for supplying all of this rhubarb to us.  I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures.  I myself didn’t like the bars, but all the guys at his worked loved them and I guess, that’s what counts.  This is the recipe I used.  Not sure I will make it again, but maybe?

Even after all of that, I cut the remaining rhubarb up and froze the 14 cups leftover which I intend to try strawberry-rhubarb jelly with in the fall.

Currently, working on some dessert ideas for the bridal shower I am throwing on July 20th.  Any ideas?!


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