Gardening in the Sun!

The sun has finally peaked outside and high temperatures in the mid-70s have finally arrived!!  This is extremely excited considering less than a month ago we had SNOW on the ground!!

After the dog poo was racked, the lawn was mowed, and leaves cleaned up (we didn’t quite get them all in the fall before it snowed) it was off to the greenhouse to find some neat flowers!

My mom has the green thumb in our family.  I like to strive to think I do, but frankly time slips away from me and sometimes my flowers end up on the wrong side of beautiful… However, every year I still vow to keep them going and strong and this year is no different.  This was the first time I have been to this green house, Riverside Gardens, and let me tell you, I was BLOWN away by all the of options.  I know I was having sensory overload with all the options.  I feel like I should have went flower shopping with my mom when she went to know exactly what to do…but we will give it our best shot.

I knew I had a hanging basket to fill, two long planters, 2 wood planters and a tea cup to plant.  Outside of that I have a large galvanized bucket that I would like to sprinkle seeds with and see what happens, but that will come later.  I also knew I had to get some veggies to start our garden.  Thankfully, Joey and I had discussed what to plant before I went.

After browsing and shopping for what seemed like hours (really just 45 minutes), I had 2 flats filled and decided to check out and see what I could create at home.



Just these two flats with flowers and veggies cost me nearly $95!  Whoa!  Extra motivation to keep these puppies alive!!

I started with my hanging basket which hangs on a shepherds hook in my garden area.

Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket

I can’t quite remember what I had planted but they are two pretty baby pink flowers and some bright yellow ones.  I kept the name tag in them, because I am sure my mom will want to know what they are when she comes to inspect them in July 🙂

Next I worked on the garden!



I know that it doesn’t look like much now, but I will tell you the goodness is germinating!  In the closest box that is sitting horizontally we have 3 rows of beans, 3 rows of sugar snap peas and a bunch of rows of radishes.   In the top right box we have 4 steakhouse tomato plants, 4 jalapeno plants (I hope the rabbit doesn’t get them this year), 4 green pepper plants, dill from seed and we are hoping onions, they are still developing in my porch they were too tiny to plant.  Finally in the top left box are 2 mounds of cucumbers and 2 mounds of pickling cucumbers.  We should see wee little plants emerging from the dirt in about a week!!

Then onto the other planters I have.



In here we have geraniums in the front with some spikes as well as a plant called “Great Balls of Fire” which are going to be bright red flowers when they bloom.  I have two of these planters.

Tea Cup

Tea Cup

Now this flower just looked way awesome to me, I only have one of these in my tea cup planter, but wow, it definitely stands out on my patio table!  I also have two long planters that are housing “Strawberry Shortcake” petunias.  They are quite adorable!  I am excited to house a few parties at my house this summer and hope these flowers give an extra special something to my house!





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