Bacon wrapped chops…

I am always looking for a new recipe…a recipe that my husband will actually eat!!  He is your typical meat and potato kinda guy.  Sometimes that can get frustrating!  My bestest friend ever, Jennie, had told me she made a bacon wrapped pork loin with a bunch of spices and a drizzle of olive oil.  Well…living in the middle of no where I had to work with what I had on hand because I really wanted to try it out.

Typically my port chops consist of being pan cooked with cream of mushroom soup which can get old after awhile…

I got out my pork chops instead of pork loin and a package of maple sliced bacon.  I rummaged through my cupboards and found some spices:

All spice, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, crushed red pepper, pepper and parsley.  I mixed them all together, and I couldn’t tell you how much of each I used, just used my judgement.

Then I rubbed the spice mixture on both sides of the pork chops and wrapped two pieces of maple bacon around each chop so that they were fully wrapped.  I put them in a casserole dish and since I didn’t have any olive oil, I drizzled with a wee bit of vegetable oil and baked on 375 for about 35-40 minutes.





They were AWESOME!!  My husband loved the sweet mixed with a little spicy.  Next time I will NOT drizzle with any oil of any kind as there is plenty of “fat” within the bacon to keep everything juicy.  It was also suggested that perhaps I should add a pinch or so of brown sugar on top to get a little caramelized texture/flavor on top.


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