Not a walk in the park…

We all remember the ugly looking bright green fireplace, right?

Old Fireplace

Old Fireplace

You have seen the upgraded fireplace with new tile on the floor…the ugly green bricks, right?



Ahh…how nice of an upgrade.   We painted the walls, we laid hardwood floors down and then……I watched a YouTube video on how to tile, just the basic.  And I thought to myself, “heck yes, I can so do this!”  My husband let me loose in Menards to find a matching tile for the one we had chosen for the flooring.  You ask, why not get the same kind?  Well, the floor tiling had to be done quickly before the firestove was installed so we went with a snap together tiling system which didn’t require the bottom layer of mud/cement (whatever that stuff is called) all it needed was grout once we had the floor laid in place!  The same company didn’t have that same available color in smaller pieces, nor did it say it was safe to “install on the wall.”  So, I found a matching similar one.

The husband helped me make sure I got all the right tools I would need.  Things such as a trawl and spacers and a manual tile cutter, considering I don’t really trust myself with saws.

There were “breathing” holes from the old fireplace that Joey had covered and sealed off, but he didn’t sand the excess off so it was definitely going to make a few spots tricky to make sure the project ended up level.

So here we go, I put some mud stuff down and moved it all around and started placing tile down.  I started on the left hand side working my way up the fireplace.  This was no easy feat.  I had that mud stuff everywhere!!  I got this far…

In The Beginning

In The Beginning


And just completing this much made me want to cry and give up, because it was now about 4 hours into the project and my husband had left me by myself!!!  The wall was filthy, my hands and fingernails were filthy…the floor was filthy.  It was awful, I like things to be clean and perfect, this my friends, was anything but clean and perfect!!

I got almost all the way done until I needed a few smaller pieces of tile cut.  The tile size we started with was a 6.5″ X 6.5.”  I needed a few pieces that had only about 1″ needed to be cut off.  Using a manual tile cutter = WASTE OF TIME!!!  I ended up driving the 46 miles back to Menards, returned the tile cutter and purchased a wet saw.  We had best be using this wet saw to cut other tile in the future, just pointing that out!

After my fit of rage, by the end of my first night this is how far I got!

Day 1 Complete

Day 1 Complete

All the tile was laid, separated accordingly and I even cleaned the floor back up as well as quite a bit of the mud mixture off the tile so it wouldn’t harden and be difficult to wash off.  I let the entire project sit for an entire day to let the mud stuff dry fully.  In the meantime, I can’t even remember what I did, probably baked or something…  Knowing that Easter was going to be the next day, I headed to bed early to make it to early Easter morning Mass.

Upon arrival home, I spent the next couple of hours grouting.  Grouting to me is probably the best part, even though, I did get the entire place all messy again…oopps… Immediately after I finished grouting the entire piece I lightly washed all the grout off of the tiles and went to Easter dinner at my in-laws house so that the grout could dry fully.

After washing all the tile one last time, I stood back and relished in the work I had accomplished all by myself!!  My husband was super impressed.  However, I am not sure a project of this size would really take this long, but who knows!

Finished Product

Finished Product






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