A time to celebrate!

I love birthdays!  I love celebrating birthdays!  It is a thing around work here that whenever there is a birthday the corresponding office will make goodies and invite almost the entire floor to celebrate said birthday and it happens roughly once a week.  Well, this week is the Registrar’s office turn.  Two of our co-workers are celebrating birthdays this week and next so Karen and I decided to combine their birthdays.  I am unsure what Karen has decided to make, but I am always on the hunt for a new recipe.  Of course, wasting time I was filtering through Pintrest…wasteland of time!  And I found a really cute picture with the caption “Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.”  That certainly interested me.  I quickly googled and found a few contrasting recipes so I decided to intermingle the recipes.

I had a couple boxes of white cake mix at home.  I purchased 24 ice cream cones and went to work.  I made the white cake mix according to the directions on the box.  Then, I wrapped tinfoil on top of my cupcake pan and poked holes where the cupcake should be in order to help stabilize the ice cream cones.  I filled the ice cream cones about 3/4 the way full.

1st Batch

1st Batch

With the tinfoil on top, the ice cream cones balanced nicely.  In the oven they went.  I baked them at 350 for the minimum cupcake requirement of 16 minutes on the cake box.  This however was not nearly enough…I kept adding 3 minutes and they baked for a total of 28 minutes until they were lightly golden brown on the outside and did the toothpick punch.  However, I clearly filled the cones too full as they bubbled over a tish bit..

Bubbled Over

Bubbled Over

More Bubble

More Bubble

The first 12 cones didn’t take all the batter I had so for the second batch of cones that went in I filled the cones just up to the bottom of the cup portion so it filled just the part where you hold the cone…if that makes sense?  The batter filled an additional 6 cones (in total one box of cake mix made about 18 cones).

I had to make another box of cake mix to fill the rest of the cones, but then ran out of cones.  I made regular cupcakes out of the remaining batter so my husband could take those to work.  He is always fussing how I make things to bring to my work, but don’t make anything so he can bring it to work.

2nd Batch

2nd Batch

As you can see, the second batch turned out exactly perfect, I think!!  After they cooled, I added some vanilla frosting with sprinkles.




The next issue was solving how I would get these Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes to work without them toppling over and ruining the frosting.


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